Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Easter Theme Gender Reveal

Back in March I helped a dear cousin plan a gender reveal. But not just a gender reveal. An Easter Themed gender reveal. And it was Awesome! The food. The games. The people. The anticipation. She did an amazing job with her ideas. I just have to document it here.

the beautiful set up and creative ideas. The basket containing the eggs is a game. Inside the eggs you will find 2 "winners" ticket which no ones knows about. The winners will move on to another battle of eating fruits covered in whip cream. The other tickets say things like "you're a loser, tricked you, sorry next time, etc etc". This set up was fun because it had several ways to tell the gender. this include the cake, cupcakes, eggs, and the large golden egg by the cupcakes. Little did anyone know what really contained the gender hahaha.

brothers, sister, nephew, parents

the  dirty diaper guess game. They look too  excited don't they lol

part of the crew expresing their guesses

mi beautiful prima

best friend, sister and mom/grandma-to-be

the winners of the egg reveal game moving on to the final part of the game who will determine who opens the envelope containing the gender.

a very nosy and surprised mom-to-be.

some very excited family

the happy momma-to-be

and of course hat I had to throw in a picture of my peanut at almost 3mos.

You see. The reason why I decided to blog about it today is not only because this post got lost in the list of drafts I have. But because tomorrow will be the day that she meets her precious baby girl. She's not due for a couple of weeks still but her baby is stubborn. And by no means wants to get out of her mommy's belly so other measures had to be taken. Meaning that baby is breech and my cousin needs a C-section as method of delivery. 

I'm confident that things will be just fine. So to my dear cousin, relax Chica. You're in great hands. 

We can't wait to meet you Hermione! You are so loved and you're not even here yet. 

Your favorite Titi ;) 

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