Friday, December 14, 2012

36 Weeks

Photo Thoughts: who am I kidding, I look huge. Kinda like a pregnant snake lol skinny everywhere with this huge belly just popping out.

Weight Gain/Loss: +27 so far. I have to admit that I've been eating a lot. My appetite has increased like crazy and I don't know why since I was told and have read that usually toward the end you lose your appetite because you're do uncomfortable by then. It is in fact uncomfortable but I guess food is my comfort. Question is should I give in to it or not? I'm only 3 weeks away if that, so how much can I really gain right?! :)

Cravings: nothing really in particular. I'm still loving my grains and pasta. I have been more interested in sweet drinks though instead of water. Water just gets me nauseous. It's just so plain. Ice is another one. But it has to be ice from my job. Weird.

What I love: again I love that I'm a week closer to meeting my baby boy. And let's not forget that the semester is done in one week. Eeekkk! Super exciting.

What I'm looking forward to: no more work. Boy if I could go on maternity leave now I would totally do it. I dream of cuddling in my bed to my babies not worrying about cooking or cleaning or getting up for anything. My mom will be staying with me and she's a great help so having endless amount of sleep is what I'm really looking forward too :)

Worries: my only worry or concern right now is not having a "good labor". Whatever that is. I have a plan, just like many women out there. And I know things might not go according to it but I really hope I'm not one of the "lucky" ones who spend 20+ hours in labor to then end up with a C-section. That is my worry and greatest fear.

Symptoms: swelling, back pain, fatigue, and lets not forget that pressure. *sighs* ugh I'm just so over it all.

Sleep: Still good. I've def been feeling more tired lately. All I want to do is sleep. It could be because I've been going to bed later though. I'm just happy I can sleep ok compare to before.

Movement: Are still good and many. Maybe the past couple of days they have been less but not something I find to be worry about. He's still moving a good amount.

The Belly: I see it BIG! I don't know I haven't gotten any new stretch marks. I hope things don't go downhill from this point. :(

Milestones: baby boy is over 18 inches long and weighs over 6lbs. Most of his bones have completely hardened with the exception of his skull. That needs to be flexible for the trip down the birth canal. Muscle tone is improving daily and his reflexes keep getting better an better. Especially that ulnar wraps.

Best moment of the week: last week of my baby being consider preterm. He can come any day and it'll be ok. I really hopes he comes before the year ends but I'll wait till he's ready. I'm feeling really anxious and nervous knowing he can come at any given time. Labor can be so unpredictable and I hate not knowing when to expect this to happen.

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