Friday, December 21, 2012

37 Weeks

Photo Thoughts: I feel really big. Like this belly just popped out of nowhere. It went from perfect and round at 34 weeks to just all over the place at 37. It's amazing how much change can happen is a few weeks.

Weight Gain/Loss: +29 ok so I'm freaking out a bit. I mean come on I'm pushing 30lbs here with 3 weeks to go. I really don't want to gain too much because I know it'll be harder to lose it later. Maybe it'll help if I stop eating like a beast. But I love food sooo much.

Cravings: nothing big again except for yesterday when the hubby brought homemade cookies from his mothers and I ate them all in one seating. Then I wanted more so bad that I was willing to go pick some up. Lucky for me she wasn't home. I don't know what would of happened if she was.

What I love: I love that school is finally over for a few weeks and that i can ficus on anything I want. whether is baby related or self related. I hope after AJ comes that everything goes slowly. I'm not looking forward to going back to school with a less than a month old baby at home :(

What I'm looking forward to: no more school work! Yaayyy! Also I'm looking forward to 12 weeks of no work and only 2 more work days before I stop working. At first I had planned to work right up to when I deliver but the past week has been so hectic and I've been so tired that I think it might be a good idea to leave a week before my due date. That way I can relax and even have a normal sleep pattern even if its only one week.

Worries: you know, there's always something to be worry about in pregnancy. During your first trimester you worry you may miscarry. During the second you worry about premature birth. And at the third you worry about the cord getting wrapped around the neck and much worse things. I don't if its due to me working at the NICU and MBU so I see lots of things that are just crazy. But boy am I happy that its almost over.

Symptoms: to add on to last weeks symptoms I'm also having heartburn and leg pain. And yet all the other symptoms and aches that seem not to go away

Sleep: uncomfortable. That's all I can say this week. I mean the sleep is fine is just the leg pain n pressure that really bother me. Also the flattened bladder that sends unbearable sharp pains in the middle of the night. I really look forward to when these symptoms are no more.

Movement: no so much which always worries me. Yet again I've had a crazy schedule the last week and I'm thinking that the lack of movement is due to my unorganized routines. Some days I'm up all night, others I sleep. Then I go to school with too little sleep n nap in the afternoon bla bla bla. Every day is something different, no wonder baby gets all confused.

The Belly: BIG. I don't want to talk about it. Lol jk. I'm really in shock how much my belly has expanded the last few weeks. Is like wow momma.

Milestones: this week baby's actual weight is 6lbs 5oz and is a little over 18in long. His lungs and other organs are mature enough for him to live in the outside world without intervention. If born now he'll no longer be consider premature, meaning he is fully cooked. Now is just the waiting game. :)

Best moment of the week: getting a negative GBS result. It may sound like little accomplishment but all I really want is a natural delivery and stay home as long as possible and if I would of been positive I would of had to be in the hospital ASAP to get me started on antibiotics. So yeah that's all for now.

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