Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Confessions Wednesday

Today I bring you a list of confessions Wednesday because I have lots on my mind.

1. I'm a BIG procrastinator- although I've always played it off by saying that I just work better under pressure. However, after realizing that there's only 1 week left of classes and I have 10 assignments due there just isn't a better explanation. I'm a procrastinator and I need to start taking responsibility for it and put an end to it.

2. I'm a dreamer- oh boy am I a dreamer. Ask the hubby, he'll tell you. I want to do so much, go to too many places, I like everything to be perfect. Most times it all interferes with my culture and more often then not I see myself trying to be someone that I'm not. I mean I love my culture, there's so much about it that I enjoy doing like the cooking, partying, etc but I think it's kind if disorganized compare to others. Traditions are not like those of many in this country and I'm told by the hubby that I'm always trying to combine both cultures with not too much success lol.

3. I enjoy blogging- not only that but I love reading other blogs as well. Especially those that are based more on a "real normal life" with less sponsors. I do wish I had the time to write a blog post every day or at least 3-4x a week. Sometimes I just don't have interesting things to say and I don't want to bore everyone.

4. I consider my dearest friends those I "met" online while planning my wedding- these woman are amazing! I can't never find enough wonderful things to say about them. My home friends think I'm crazy and even weird for talking to people "I've never seen" on a daily basis but if there's a groups of girls that understand the things happening in my life right now it's certainly them.

5. I suffer from mood swings ( and no is not due to the pregnancy, well not all of it at least)- there are times I get mad at someone over something stupid that is not even worth arguing so I just hold it in and I ignore their calls etc but not because I'm being a witch, or maybe I am, but mainly is because I know it's stupid and I don't want to argue about it. Other times I just don't want to deal with anyone. So I set my phone to "do no disturb" mode and voila! Problem solved. Many might think I'm being childish but I see it as a way of avoiding an argument that's not worth the time or effort. Just key me get over it and it'll be like it never happened. That's why the do no disturb feature on my cell is so awesome. I can just say my phone was on silent or I was napping and didn't hear it all the while I really didn't hear it.

6. I'm not really into this holiday season- I don't know why that is. Or maybe is because I had so much I wanted to do this year. More traditions, decorating, baking, and so forth but I'm so tired all the time. And I have so much going on and things I have to do that I have to give priorities to those other things. Like school work for example or even finishing the nursery. That's after cleaning and cooking and doing laundry too. I don't know how people do it honestly. How can you take on so many responsibilities and succeed in all of them meanwhile I'm drowning here.

7. I've been very forgetful lately- I forget everything! No lie. From what days I work to where I left my keys. I forget when the bills are due, things I have to do, sometimes even to cook. That's serious ain't it? I already set reminders in my phone to remind me about appointments. Now I have to start making lists to keep me caught up in my everyday life. I downloaded this app called "errands" where I can make a list and check off item per item when they're completed. I can set them up by day or week, meaning I can group things by due dates that way I know when certain things are due. I just hope I remember to check the app lol.

8. I often take more than I can handle- this is an ongoing problem. Which might be the cause of my forgetfulness and even procrastination as I keep putting things off and off until its too late and I need to get it done NOW! And with so many things going on how can I not forget to do some of them. Right?

9. My writing sucks!- I blame this in my being bilingual. That's an excuse right? I know how to write obviously my problem is finding the right words to describe what I'm trying to say. I should have a pretty large vocabulary for my age I think yet I find myself using simple words and lots of "but, and, if". There's this blogger I follow who hasn't posted in a while but she did something to her blog that would tell her her most frequent used words. I thought it was pretty neat and just imagine what words will come up over and over for me lol. Needless to say I didn't even considered doing that since I knew where it was heading hahaha.

10. I'm scare- of how life after baby come will be. I know there's never be the "right time" to have a child yet I'm a bit concern how it will affect my life as a student, housewife, working mom, friend, etc. will I lose my sanity? A baby is a lot of hard work and although I feel ready for it I see how I struggle with keeping up to date with certain things, like school, and baby is not even here yet. I'm just worry that I'll fail at one thing or another. I really hope that taking the full 12 weeks of maternity leave and returning to work as part time will make a difference.

That's all for now folks. I think I should make serious resolution plans for this coming year and do a follow up post mid-year to see where I stand. There's always room for improvement you just need dedication right? Well let's see how baby treats me and how the new year finds me ;)

Happy Hump Day!

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