Friday, December 7, 2012

35 Weeks

35 weeks down and 35 days to go. Well technically there's 28 days to go as of today :)

Photo Thoughts: that's all baby people. I'm confident and no one can tell me otherwise. I have a picture at nine months with my son and I was way bigger even my face look like a ball. And by the looks of it this baby might just be a bit bigger.

Weight Gain/Loss: +24 getting there! I hope I don't pass 30lbs that way it'll be faster to lose them. I believe I gained 35ish with my son so I could say I'm in track :)

Cravings: still sweets but not as bad as rice. Not just any rice either, it has to be my moms rice. Some rice, beans, and meat with salad... Yum! I get hungry just thinking about it.

What I love: knowing my baby has been growing on track and healthy. That's like music to my ears. All the worry and scare and extra appointments

What I'm looking forward to: no more back pain (as if), pelvic pain, thigh pain, leg cramps, swollen fingers and piggies, I love you baby AJ but I kinda want my body back.

Worries: My only worry right now is that baby will be over 8lbs. Silly I know. Although I think chubby babies with fat cheeks are the best I rather him get chubby after I've pushed him out not before. So please dear lord, and baby, stay under 8lbs. Thank you.

Symptoms: same old back pain except this week the pelvic pressure has taken over. Omg I can hardly walk from all the pressure. It has given me thigh pain and buttocks pain too. During my ultrasound in Tuesday I asked how low baby was and the tech said he was still pretty high up so I don't understand where the pressure is coming from. And to think that if he drops before labor it will only get worse. Mama Mia! I'm in deep trouble.

Sleep: still doing good in this department and I hope it continues to stay this way. I could use all the good sleep that I can before baby comes. Right?!

Movement: still moving like a soccer player. Or maybe a dancer. He certainly don't feel like a surgeon, surgeons need to stay still most of the time and he has not stop moving since I first him back in week 15/16.

The Belly: 34 weeks was my favorite, 35 has been the worse thus far. With all the pressure, swelling, cramping and those darn Braxton Hicks. Hay hay hay. But belly still look good font it!? ;)

Milestones: baby is weighing in at 5lbs 15oz as of Tuesday. His digestive tract is getting ready for the first meal. Most vital organs are fully ready. Baby has great chance at survival is born now. Fat factory is working overtime to get this little monkey really for the outside world and all it's requirement.

Best moment of the week: getting the nursery semi finished. All furniture has been put together and in their right place. Baby clothes have been washed, folded, organized, and put away. Did I mention I also got my cloth diaper beginners stash? Oh boy you have no idea how excited I was to open that box. That just needs a quick wash and we will be all set to go :)

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