Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adios 2012, Bienvenido 2013

Wow! What an end to 2012 and beginning to 2013. Lots of catching up to do. Let's see, where should I start.

Well at 38 weeks I had my appointment and was 3cm dilated with 50-60% effaced. I asked my doctor to strip my membrane and she did slightly. I was positive that that was going to be THE weekend. I kept contracting day and night but unfortunately not in a pattern well enough to send us to the hospital. So the weekend came and left and nada.

Christmas Eve we had a very nice time at my mothers. We had a delicious diner surrounded by family and some friends. Then we opened some gifts and headed home right before midnight.

Christmas Day we spent it at my mother-in-law's. Again we opened presents and had another delicious diner. I had to work that night so I headed to work around 6:30pm. That night I started with a cough that only got nastier by the end of my shift. I made it home with chest pain, a cough, and feeling awful. It was my only day to work until the weekend so I had planned to stay up. Yeah, that didn't happened. I hit the covers and slept till 1pm at which point I had another appointment. I remember it snowed that day and it had just started as I left.

Merry Christmas! 

At my appointment I felt awful and couldn't wait to get home. I called my OB and asked what I could take for my symptoms and I napped. I woke up feeling worse and with a fever. I called in again and my doc was convinced I had the flu so she called flu meds for me and asked to see my family doctor the next day. I started my meds and had a horrible night.

The next day I made it to my family doctor with my mothers help. I was officially diagnosed with the flu and shortly after started having contractions. I was sent to the ER but on our way over the transporter got a call to take me straight to L&D. There they measured my contractions and concluded that they were due to me being dehydrated. Go figured. It wasn't all that bad though because as much as I wanted my baby boy to come out I surely didn't want to welcome him with the flu. And after day 3 of meds I felt so much better. I Also had to miss work for the weekend which had its good and not so good perks.

New Years Eve we spent it at my moms and then we went home and were in bed by midnight. For the record lets just say that being 39 weeks pregnant over NYE and being pregnant and that far along for the holidays is no fun at all. Note to self, plan next pregnancy to be as far away from the holidays as possible.

January first rolled in and I couldn't stop thinking that this baby was as stubborn as they get. I just new I was going to go past my due date and I was going to have to skip out on this school semester which would put me behind a full year for graduating nursing school. So the next day I called the doc again and tried to convinced them to induce me by Friday. Ha! Who was I kidding. It was not going to happen. Not at least until the 11th. Omg, mini heart attack going on at that point (school starts on the 14th).

Happy New Year!!!

So that night I went to bed a bit sad and sorta depress. Yet, little did I know that the next day was going to be full of unprepared adventures, long waited excitement, and so much happiness.

And so I continue to believe that everything has a purpose and things always happens for a reason.

To be continue....

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