Thursday, January 31, 2013

4 Weeks Postpartum

After my incredibly fast delivery I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my recovery before starting monthly post on Adrian.

During my hospital stay I felt very helpless by having my nurses and techs doing everything for me. I was definitely not counting on that but I'd take it any day to have such delivery again. When my Mag was turned off and I got up to see how I felt I saw the difference from the first time around right away. I wasn't as sore (probably due to all the ice packs) or as weak and boy you have no idea what a nice hot shower would do to you. It was like nothing ever happened. In all honesty I was in the shower for an hour just letting the water run down my body as I was able to acknowledge my toes again :).

On discharge day I walked to the car instead of being wheeled which was a great start. Later that day at home I did experienced some intense abdominal pain that I did not have in the hospital. I called the nurse that discharged me right away to make sure that it was normal and she confirmed me that it was since I was breastfeeding. I knew I would have some cramping but I underestimated the intensity of it since I didn't remember how it was the first time around. What I did remember was getting an infection inside my uterus that started with cramping after being home and that sent me to the emergency room and had me on treatment of antibiotics. I also got a UTI from the Foley and I recall it both being horrible while caring for a newborn. I wanted at all cost to avoid that again. Hence why I opted not to get a Foley while on Mag.

On Sunday night I came across another issue I seemed to had forgotten and that I apparently paid little attention to during my research and classes on breastfeeding, Engorgement. Holy cow is this painful! I could say painful enough to make you think twice about breastfeeding long term or even at all. Luckily that only lasted that night and the next day. When I thought the worse was over and Adrian got the hang of latching correctly I end up with cracked, sore, and overly sensitive nipples. Hay Hay Hay. After a phone conversation and a meeting with two lactation consultants things got much better. So ladies please do your research thoroughly, educate yourself, and take advantage of all the help available on this topic before and after baby's arrival.

With my older son my mom wanted me to stay with her but hubby didn't want to because according to him we would be just fine at our place. My mom also didn't want to stay at our place because it was only a one bedroom. She was pretty upset about it and didn't come around much the first few weeks I was home. This time however she was at our place every day for the first two weeks. She took care of me, cooked for us, kept the house nice and clean, and basically spoil me in every way possible. Thank Heaven for mommies like mine :). These last two weeks she's been coming 3-4 times a week, usually on days I have class to babysit for us and help around the house. We, or rather I, owe her big time.

At two weeks postpartum I was to return to school and it had me with some anxiety, though it wasn't as bad as I imagined, crazy from my part but not as bad. The hardest part was leaving my sweet newborn at home but I knew he was in good hands. I just made sure to give myself plenty of time to walk slowly and leave enough milk for baby. I honestly felt good right away. Like nothing ever happened. I did minimized the amount of time I went up and down the stairs and walked as little as possible, only when necessary like on school days. I napped as often as I could when Adrian slept. I refrained myself from any chores and cooking as long as I could those first two weeks, especially from stressing unlike the first time. Now however I feel like I could run a marathon :) ok maybe not quite but I am ready to return to the gym again and tighten up this little body ;)

The point of this post is to let the new mommas out there know to take advantage of the help being offered. There's nothing better than to only worry about yourself and your baby the first couple of weeks. It makes for a happy mother and happy baby. It also gives your body time to recuperate at its own pace while also making for a faster recovery at home. Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids and maintain a healthy diet especially if you are breastfeeding.


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