Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Pissed!

Some people sure know how to bring someone down from cloud nine!

Yesterday I left class early to go talk to an advisor about the application process to apply to the nursing program. I get there a few minutes early and the advisor I was meeting with told me to give her a few minutes that she will be right with me. I didn't mind, I was in no rush.

A few minutes later she asks me to follow her to her office and says "So, How can I help you?"

I tell her I wanted to know the process for applying. Since I previously had spoken with an advisor late last semester and he told me exactly what to do regarding my classes, etc. I didn't need much from her. Well. This lady tells me "You know is very hard to get into the program right. You might not get in. I mean I encourage you to apply and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you but know your chances are slim".

Are you kidding me???? Have you seen my grades? Are you even an advisor??? I was speechless. Completely in disbelief. How dare she bring me from cloud nine like that.

Of course I know that there's a 50/50 chance I get in or not and I shouldn't assume I will get in that easy because this program is very competitive. However, I've been working my behind off for almost 3 years now taking night classes and missing out on my son's and family's life to better myself and here she comes out of nowhere and instead of encouraging me she's making me feel like shit! (Excuse the language).

I was really caught by surprise. I'm here keeping a positive mindset, hopping for the best, killing myself with this science courses and so on for her to act like that. I could not wait to get out of her office. All I kept thinking was "I should report this lady (but not that nice)".

I'm sorry. I'm still in shock and I just needed to vent.

What do you think? Am I wrong for being so mad. There are a million ways she could of said things. Just like the other advisor told me, she could of said that the program is very competitive and there are a lot of students that apply for it but that I shouldn't give up and even if I don't get in there's still next year and other colleges. Even if she would of said what she said in a nicer tone I wouldn't of felt bad but this was just plain mean from her part.

Either way I will not let her bring me down. I will continue with my summer class and apply for the program and if I don't get in I will be blaming  her lol. Just kidding but seriously if I don't get in I'm going to feel so bad and miserable and I will just be heartbroken :(

So please wish me luck.

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