Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Life Lately

Holy Jesus it feels like forever ago since my last post. We sure have been busy this summer and I feel terrible that I haven't been documenting as much or as often as I had done earlier in the year. I just i understatimated nursing school hahaha. 

I have lots of posts on the works and although I really want to post in chronological order of events I won't even set myself up for failure because someday I find myself writing about a topic that just happened but I don't post because I have ten other things that happened before that and before you know it weeks go by and neither one what posted. So I'm just going to go with the flow and post as the inspirations arise. 

In the meantime this is what we've been up to lately and you will probably see a more detailed post about it in the coming weeks. Hopefully before the fall kick in. 

We took our annual trip to Ovean City, MD and it was lots of fun! 

The hubby and I celebrated 5 years of marriage :) 

I assisted my cousins in throwing her own bridal shower which was a success and so much fun. 

We had a great baseball season making it to the championship and winning that gametoo! It was so awesome to see all the hard work that the kids put in take fruit. That final game was out of the field. Literally. 

We celebrated our big boy hitting double digits. I'm still in shock mode. Is surreal to me that he's 10th, on the fifth grade, and has hair in places I didn't think he'd have hair till at least another 3 years hahaha 

We started some backyard projects buy only made it as far as painting the deck. We have yet to add the deck lights or replaced the fence :-/

I made it through my first semester of nursing school and have recently started the second. This is tough stuff guys. I def have a few confessions in regards to nursing school. 

We traveled to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks. We attended a my cousins wedding and the road tripped around the island the rest of the trip. It was without doubt the best vacation of our lives! 

My hubby welcomed the 30s! Yaayyy! 

I stepped out of my comfort zone by wearing an outfit I have never wore or will probably not wear again in this lifetime. 

My oldest child is in his last year of elementary school while my youngest child started pre K. Yikes! 

Thid hasn't happened yet but can you believe that in a short few weeks we will be celebrating one year of foster care parents. Holy Moly! What a year a difference makes :-)

Doesn't seem like it's a lot but trust me, we've been busy. I hardly have time to just sit and think about nothing. On any given day at any time you can check in to my brain and see it spinning nonstop, there is always something to be done even the little things in life like showering I have to write in my to do list so I don't forget to do hahaha jk but really I do have to fit it in my schedule at times. 

Summer 2016 has been short of amazing! I cannot wait to welcome my favorite season, drink pumpkin flavored coffe, wear sweaters, boots, and scarfs, and most importantly get in the holiday spirit! ;-) 

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