Monday, July 25, 2016

Miami in all its glory


I've always wanted to go on a girls trip somewhere. With either friends or family, it didn't matter. I just wanted to be away with girls that I was close with because that was something I never had the opportunity of doing in my early 20s. So when my cousin said that she wanted to go to Miami for her bachelorette I was beyond happy. 2016 has definitely being a year of many great things!


We booked our flight, we booked our room, we shopped, and made plans on the things we wanted to do while there and everything was going great. It was a last minute sort of thing but everyone was on board and excited for it. We had some group drama about two weeks before the trip over a prank but thankfully came the day off and we were pretty much over it. 


Thursday before we flew out we drove to NJ to a cousin's home to just chill and kill time before driving to the airport. When we arrived she was waiting for us with a super traditional breakfast, Mangu! This cousin is one of the youngest and the one I was closest to while growing up so I still see her as my little cousin and it's been hard trying to accept that she's not little anymore. She's a grown mid 20 gal that can throw it down in the kitchen hahaha. You go girl!


We arrived at the airport like 3 hours early, I have no idea how this happened because everyone knows that Dominicans are never on time, let alone early. So from 330 until boarding time which was like at almost 6am we just took ownership of an area in the waiting room and napped. Well, some napped l, some took pictures, some browsed social media/the web, and so on. Boarding time came around and we were in our way down south. 

About two and a half hour later we landed in west palm beach (I know, we're crazy to have flown in through there but because it was a last minute trip this was the most economical way to fly down to Miami). My high school best friend was awesome and went to pick us up at the airport which saved us a ton of money. I love you girl!

Once at the hotel, we stayed at the Catalina Hotel & Beach Club which was pretty nice, no complaints. Since it was quite early for check-in we just changed into our bathing suits and headed to the roof top pool which pretty much took over our entire afternoon. We had lunch there, calamari and coconut shrimp and some buffalo wings with pretty good mixed drinks ;) some pool time and nap time and by 4ish we headed down to the room to start getting ready for dinner.



By 6pm the bride and I were ready so I treated her to sushi/wings and mojitos while the others got ready. Afterward everyone met outside the hotel and we walked along side of the beach till we reached the restaurants area and we decided on a place to have dinner. We had dinner at about 8pm and I honestly cannot remember the name of the restaurant but I was not impressed with my choice of meal. I had some pasta with clams and well, yuck! The drinks were so so. I wasn't impressed at all. After dinner we walked down the strip some more and ended up at Mangos. Well that didn't go as planned. I already talked about that here, so I won't get into details to prevent even more drama and judgement.




The next day we started our day off with breakfast. My best friend also came along and she stayed with us until after dinner.


After breakfast we walked down to the beach, enjoyed some beers and great time together. I'm not a beach girl but I do enjoy my time there with good company, whether it be my kids, husband, or just friends.


As you've read here, there was nothing exciting about this day, our last day if I may remind you. After dinner we did go out just us three and we ended up at Wet Willie's. We planned on getting call-a-cab but that was way too strong. I foresaw a headache from the very first sip of the sample so that was out. We tried other drinks and decided on a Bob Marley mix. That one was so so but drinkable. I probably will never have it again. We ended up calling it at night at 2am. I think we were all just disappointed and couldn't enjoy ourselves which was very unfortunate.


The next morning we woke up around 6am to start getting ready for the flight back and noticed that the girls were still not back. We gather our belongings and called an uber. Once again we made it to the airport three hours early. I wanted to do the beach before heading to the airport this day but we received an email from the airlines to arrived earlier than originally stated because they expected some delays so off we went. As we were about to walk out the room the other girls were just walking in. No words were exchanged. We bumped with them in the airport again, as expected, and we have not exchanged a single word since. At least I haven't. 

You could only imagine all that has been said by our parents. I'm sure they are all just as disappointed at the outcome of the trip as we are but at last, things happen for a reason. 

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