Friday, July 22, 2016

Miami.... The Bad

I decided to start off with the bad first to just get it out of my chest and to not end up with a sour taste. I hope to revisit Miami again but next time I do I'll make sure it'll be with my better half

Some days I can't figure out if the saying that everything happens for a reason is something that I really believe or if it's my way to get over a disappointment in life. Let's elaborate. 

A dear cousin is getting married in 4 short weeks in the Dominican Republic. As her bachelorette celebration we decided to fly to Miami for a weekend and enjoy some bonding time and fun in the sun. Everyone was super excited specially because the bride, as a gift to us, covered a good portion of the cost. There were six of us going including the bride and we are all cousins. This would actually be the first time all six of us got to bond and go on a weekend getaway together so you bet that I was super excited because I always thought that we were lucky to have such awesome relationship even with our differences. But I guess I was wrong. 

Everything started to go wrong even weeks before the actual event. Arguments and disagreements between the girls about everything that you can think of. But even with that and flights booked we decided to brush it under the rug and keep it moving. After all, we are family is not like we're going to stop talking to each other. 

Everything started out great. Well, sort of. We ended up leaving later than usual that Thursday night. Then we got stuck in traffic for 3 hours when it should had taken us an hour to reach our destination. Then we came across issues with transportation taking us to the airport which got resolved fairly quick. We had a good flight and everyone was getting along great. 

We arrived at our destination only to find out that we had left a luggage behind in the airport back home. Fortunately that luggage only contained a pair of dress shoes and tons of make up which yes although it was a good chunk of money invested by the owner at least it was just make up. Thankfully the luggage was found by security and taken into custody shortly after we had landed in Florida. We decided not to let that ruin our short trip so we made plans to just pick up the luggage when we returned and start the festivities. 

All was well during the day but come nightfall lack of communication created a huge problem between the group. The issue was such a big deal breaker that we called it quits on the night and 4 out of the 6 left back to the hotel while the other two continue the partying until 5am. 

Come the next day (24 hours later and 24 hours left of the trip) everyone was over it and we decided to start the day with a nice breakfast and enjoy the morning at the beach. 3 hours later and everything went downhill. Now remember this is a bachelorette getaway so like it or not the only person who really matters is the bride. We're here for the bride. The bride is the center of attention and everything we do should revolve around her, right? Or at least that's what I've always thought so someone please correct me if I'm wrong. 

Well again 3/6 girls decided to go and do their own thing instead of coming back to the room to shower and get ready for lunch. It wasn't that big of a deal because it was going to take a while for everyone to get dressed anyways so we figured half can get ready now n then the other would follow. Well I guess not everyone had the same idea. Minutes before getting ready to go get the other group we receive a message saying that they (the 3 girls who went to do their own thing) were going to skip lunch and that we should go ourselves. Wtf! Now I'm like ok what's really going on? That is unacceptable. But again the bride was chill and although very disappointed in her "bridesmaids" she let it go and we did lunch ourselves. It ended up being an early dinner because it was way too much food and by the time we finished eating it was almost 6pm. 

We walked our way back to the hotel only to find out that the other girls were still not getting ready. Ok.....

They walked in shortly after we did and started to get ready. Well this is when it really become fucked up. After we're all ready and about to walk out the door one of the girls says that she's not going. She stated that she was in a bad mood (I'm still trying to figure out why she was in a bad mood by the way) and did not feel like going out anymore. WTF!? The other one says that she never planned on joining us anyways so that we could leave without her. At this point I have fumes coming out of my ears so I could only imagine what the bride must have been feeling. Not only are they her bridesmaids but we're family. If we can't even count in our own family how can we trust anyone else. 

One of the other girl had left the room to answer a phone call therefore she was unaware of what was happening. The bride walks out the room because what else can she do, and so did I. The fourth girl, who was one of the ones who didn't make it to dinner by the way, stayed behind and I figured it was to talk some sense into the other two but after some minutes of waiting outside for her I called her only to have her tell me to "go ahead without her and that she would message me to meet up later on". What the triple FUCK! I was speechless. That was the cherry on top. It was like we traveled to Miami with complete strangers. 

We stood outside trying to figure out what just happened and what we were going to do next but the heat was too much so we went inside the lobby to sit down while we figured it out only to see the girl who "was not in the mood come out tonight" with a change of clothes and ready to enjoy her night. She was shortly followed by the one who had no intentions to go out with us anyways and the one who wanted to meet up with us later. Her face expression was priceless when she saw us sitting in the lobby. She stood there with her eyes wide open and all I could see was her mouth mumbling "Oh Shit!". Really? Really?!

Insert emoji of angry fuming face right here! 

And then I question myself on why I have trust issues. This was honestly one of the worse experience of my life. I had no words. I think about it and still cannot believe that family, bridesmaids, can be so shady to use a bride to pay for part of the bachelorette trip only to bail on her on what is suppose to be a happy and memorable time. Honestly this brought me to tears. Even as I type this (on the flight back home) I'm shedding tears because I can't believe this really happened. We are family for God's sake. Where's the loyalty. This is plainly fucked up. I mean it when I say I have no words. 
Like you seriously have no heart to pull a stunt like that. That is beyond unforgivable. 

I don't know about the other two girls but I don't need people like that in my life. I'm not the bride and I feel so hurt that I want nothing to do with them for as long as I live. I am no one to not forgive but that doesn't mean that I have to deal with them so as far as I am concerned and as much as it may hurt, those girls have been excluded from my world. They are officially cut out of my life and I don't know if I'll be getting over this anytime soon. I pray that they never get to experience something like this, yet again it won't really matter because it's obvious that they have no heart and they most likely don't care. 

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