Saturday, September 10, 2016

The 30s are here!!!

On sept 1st my hubby turned 30 years old. I don't even know if I will be able to put into words how that makes me feel. I guess I should start by saying that the feelings are all over the place. For starters, OMG the thirties are here! He's no longer a 20something which actually sounds really sexy! hahaha 

I am so proud of all the things that he has accomplished this last decade. He is so strong-willed, such a go-getter, and so sure of what he wants out of life. He has grown so much over the last 11 years and I feel honored to have shared those years with him. He has always been mature and I thank God I didn't have to deal with problems do to immaturity. Seeing him enter this phase in life makes me so happy because I know that he is destined for great things! He has so many plans for this coming decade and I'm glad to be able to join him on his journey. I'm getting ahead of myself here but I can imagine him at 40s and I can only see success in every aspect of his life. 

Knowing that the 30s are here is like a little reminder of the great things that are to come in our lives. I know that I myself am looking forward to turning 30 in 6 short months. Maybe because of the saying that says "when you turn thirty, that's when you really begin to live life". You are more in tune with yourself and with what you want, your priorities changes, your focus is more serious, life has a new meaning (sort of), you tend to appreciate more what you've been blessed with instead of taking it for granted, and most importantly you see things differently. Can you note the exciting in my words? Well if you can't just know that I'm really excited! The 20s were rough. Good but rough and I just want to be over it and look towards the future. Our future! 

My love, I hope you had a great birthday and an awesome birthday weekend. You are everything a girl could ever dream of. I feel beyond blessed to be able to have you in my life and honored to have all that we have together. Our kids, our home, our dog, and every little materialistic thing we own. Having you as a best friend has been both challenging and fun but I wouldn't change it for nothing in this world. I love you bunches and I look forward on being by your side this next 10 years, and 60 more. May the good Lord bless you today and everyday for the rest of your life! xoxo

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