Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017


Oh February. You will always be a dear month to me for many reasons but mainly because just like December with it festivities and the way it makes me feel, the cool air that surrounds this month fills me with me love and everything that is happy and good. 

Although unlike January, February felt like it lasted an eternity. Even today as I write this all I can think about is, "is it really only February 28th?" Hahaha. I feels like it lasted forever. Like I didn't accomplish much of anything and pretty much everything all at the same time. Maybe it was just a bittersweet month as I accepted that my 20s will soon end and a new decade of life will begin. I feel like I learned a lot about myself believe it or not. I feel mature. I feel grown. I think back to when we first came to the USA almost twenty one years ago and how my mom was my soon to be age. A single mother to three kids under the age of 10 in a country where she didn't speak the language and had the support of everyone and no one. Gosh it sounds crazy realizing that back then the only thing my mom was able to focus on was working to support and provide for her children meanwhile two decades later she is living the life with her husband. I don't know about you but I think she should have been "living the life" back then. No? 


Anyways that's besides the point. I guess the point I'm trying to make now is that back then I thought my mom was "old" but reaching her age from then in sixteen short days make me realize that she wasn't old at all in 1997. Being head of household, working a 8-5 job, cooking daily, having multiple children, etc is pretty much the norm at 30 whether you're married or a single parent. Unless you are otherwise single and children free, then life is probably totally different right?

This month I did lots and lots of cooking. From new recipes to traditional Dominican recipes I must say that I have surprised myself in my cooking skills and the ability to feed my boys. 

My brother and I have been of great help and support for each other these last months.  It feels nice to share the bond that we share as siblings. Early in the month we even got our kiddos together to go watch Disney On Ice. It was a great time and a beautiful experience to watch them all enjoy this so much :)


As a family we continued to attend bible study at our church and my brother joined us several times as well with his daughters, that was nice!

I did lots of cleaning, de cluttering, and reorganizing around the house. So much so that we even started giving our bathroom a facelift. Eekkk! So exciting. I hope to share that adventure along with our Kitchen Reno this month. 


I tried focusing a lot on exercise and healthy eating this month and well, simply put I failed. I did eat healthier most of the month but most days dinner was done kind of late. And I only attended the gym about a handful of times. But I'm not giving up. A little bit of improvement each month is better then no improvement at all. 

We had beautiful weather several times this month and one "real" snow day. 


Hubby and I had a total of 3 date nights. Like actual outings with just adults. Ahhhh that was nice! We love our boys but it is nice to have adult time once in a while. One of those times we meet up with two my cousins and their husband and fiancé. Definitely time well spent :)



And of course my boys got bigger both physically and mentally, is like who are these kids??? Check out this comparison of AJ and Steven with me both at 4 years old :) #priceless 

And this just about wraps it up. So far 2017 has treated us good. Looking forward to the next 10 months and all the adventures that they'll bring. 

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