Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017

This month felt like it came and left way too fast while at the same time it felt like it lasted an eternity. My little family and I welcomed the New Year by celebrating with my best friend and her family. She had lots of food and a pretty nice set up at her house where she invited her. Lowest family and friend to ring in the New Year together. We hadn't spent the NYE out of our home in years. We would always stay in and simply watch the ball drop from the comfort of our couch. Most of those times the ball would watch us because we would be asleep even before midnight. However this year I was determine to dig deep into the festive gal who was burrows deep Year after year and what do you know, she came out and enjoyed herself even more than she had expected. Specially because she had everything she needed right next to her, her family :)

The next day we celebrated Penelope's christening.

And a couple days after that we celebrated Adrian's 4th birthday. Can you believe he's already 4 years old and will be starting kindergarten next year? Holy mother has time flown by. I feel like it was just last month I was writing pregnancy update posts. I seriously have no idea where the last few Year have gone to. Getting back to his birthday celebration, on the second of January we gathered immidiate cousins and headed over to Chuckie Cheese where they all played, ran, are pizaa and cake, and had a grand ol' time together. I love having this picture as memory because I know it will mean a lot when they are all grown up with kids of their own. The only one missing is Penelope but it's ok. We'll get another picture with her in it soon enough.

On his actual birthday we stayed home and had my best friend and her kids come over to sing happy birthday to him. He was having the time of his life celebrating over and over again his birthday. I think we may have confused him a bit jajaja. Sorry buddy.

The following weekend I started the 21 day fast with my church. It was hard let me tell you. I didn't prepared for it as well as I should of and needless to say I failed at it half way through it. I had only done this fast once before and fasting is, or rather was, something I wasn't too familiar with until just a couple weeks ago. Even after starting the Daniel fast i was super confused and it was t until mid way through that I truly understood the principles and practices of fasting. Next year I'll be better prepared for sure. Until then I want to try faster for skitter periods because I honestly felt a change within me in the past month.

On another note, I want to add that the family and I have been consistent in attending bible study every week since the end of December. It makes me so happy to see the kids enjoying bible study just as much as I do. Even the hubby plans his day around bible study on Wednesdays. God is good friends. God is good and his timing perfect :)

We also celebrated Lito's 12th birthday this month. I can't believe this is his second birthday with us already. You see what I mean. Time does fly. And he truly is a good kid. Is unfortunate that he is in this situation but I have faith that he'll pull through it just fine.

I met with my coworkers fur dinner one night and it was much fun. I'm beginning to feel very attached to these girls. It'll be sad when we all go our separate ways in the nearing future.

There's not much to say about Steven Jr except that my child his growing up fast. He is starting to get into girls, caring about his looks, and getting into fashion and other sports. He even pull a stunt last weekend where he and some friends from school planned on going skating over the weekend and he actually convinced us on taking him. He even used his allowance money to pay for himself and Lito. Umm... I wonder if the teen years are closer than I think.

Lastly, hubby and I have been doing pretty well in the marriage department. I'm proud to say that we are beating our 12 years dating anniversary and that life has been pretty sweet lately. We ended the year attending my work "Christmas Party in January" event and that was pretty fun. A lot more fun than last year actually ;)

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