Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winter 2017: Day In The Life

Steven 30 years old (the 30s are here!) 
Pamela 29 years old (the 30s are around the corner)
Steven Jr 10.5 years old
Lito 11 (turning 12 tomorrow)
Adrian 4 years and 19 days old
King 6 years old

Sunday January 22, 2017 

DITL Winter 2017

0530 | Hubby wakes up. He's been having a bad night with an upset stomach waking every couple of hours rushing to the bathroom. This has got to be the 4th time he got up since we went to bed last night. I feel like I've slept a lot and that it should be time for work already but as I look at the window it doesn't feel like it's morning yet. I wait for hubby to get back in bed and ask him for the time.  I'm to lazy to get up and grab my phone off the charger. He says "you have 30 minutes left of sleep" and passes me my phone. Is exactly 530am. I debate whether or not to get up now but decide to wait for the alarm to go off. 

0600 | first alarm goes off and as I go to press snooze I see the "Day In The Life" reminder. I get excited but not excited enough to get up. What's 15 more minutes I say. Is not like I have to get the kids ready or drop anyone off anywhere. 

0615 | second alarm. Snooze again. 

0627 | CRAP! I really gotta get up now. I have 15 minutes to get ready and leave the house or else I'll be super late for work. I manage to leave the house by 6:47 but I know I'll be a few minutes late. There is so much fog. I don't like it. 

DITL Winter 2017

0705 | I'm here. Just in time. Thank God for grace time. I make it with one minute to spare. I leave my coat in the staff lounge and walk out to the main station praying we didn't get any one from our staff taken away to work on another floor. I have the same group as yesterday and they are pretty heavy. Meaning, they are complex patients and they require a lot of assistance. Even having just two extra patients will for sure turn this day into a day from hell. Luckily we are fully staffed. Yaayyy! 

I get report and work on prioritizing my care. I warm up water for my tea and chat with one of my nurse for the day. This morning feels like a deja vu for some reason. 

DITL Winter 2017

0740 | I start my work. First thing for the day is get patient's vitals and make sure breakfast is ordered. I have eight patients and a total of four rooms. Our unit has some private and some double rooms and all my rooms today are doubles. Which I don't mind much because simply put it's just so much easier. 

0850 | what a freaking joke. It seriously took me over an hour to do vitals on eight patients. What a hot mess. Of course everyone needed to be toileted and I might as well sit them up in the chair for breakfast since they're up anyways. And remember I said my section was heavy? Well all my patients require 2 people to help them out of bed so I either needed the nurse to help or I would grab the first sucker that made eye contact with me hahaha. That's a joke. Kinda. 

By 10:00 6 out of my 8 patients were up in their chair and bathed. I am on a role today! 

Back to the second round of toileting and making sure everyone is comfortable. Luckily I didn't have blood work or EKGs to do this morning like yesterday. Yesterday it was 2pm and I was still getting patients bathe. Yesterday was a bad and long day.  However most of my patients had tests and procedures scheduled for today so I've been helping transport transfer them in and out of bed/chair. 

1050 | time for a 15 minutes break. I am starving and the only thing in my system is a tea I drank at 7am. I don't know how I made it this long without getting super cranky. 

DITL Winter 2017

I eat oatmeal with brown sugar and a banana. I really wanted a veggie omelette but this will do. I take a window selfie because I realize that I don't have many pictures and is not like I can volunteer patients to appear on this blog post. 

1120 | mid day vitals time. I manage to finish this round by 12:05. Not too bad. I do some more toiletting and rounding then I start my charting. I plan on getting out of here on time today because we have plans for the evening. 

DITL Winter 2017

1400 | I have yet to take my lunch break. I wanted a co-worker to touch up my hair so I use my lunch break for that and with the ten minutes I have left I eat a cup of pasta salad made by said co-worker. 

Today flew by. I got so much done. I feel very accomplished. I honestly thought I would have so much time to spare but nope, nothing. Nada. Zip. 

DITL Winter 2017

1540 | I clock out of work but chat with two co-workers for about ten minutes before heading to my car.  Home by 4:20 and I after saying hello to the kiddos I run up to shower and get ready. Lito's birthday is tomorrow and we're going out to Sky Zone today to celebrate. Since hubby works tomorrow and it's a school night we have to be conscious of whatever we might do so we decided to take him out today for some fun and dinner then we'll cut a cake and sing happy birthday tomorrow. 

Hubby and I sit in the room and talk a while before I get in the shower and start getting ready. We've been spending a lot of quality time lately just talking about random stuff and plans for the year ahead. 

1730 | we head out to Sky Zone. We purchase an hour of jumping for the kids. I'm not really in the mood to jump. I'm a scary cat and all I do is jump up and down, no front or back flips for me. So it's a waste to purchase a full hour and hubby's knees have been bothering him lately, he's actually having surgery this coming Wednesday, and he doesn't want to hurt the knee anymore. 

DITL Winter 2017

1800-1900 the boys jump and run and play and sweat and jump again. They are having a great time which makes me really happy. Is the little things in life :) 

AJ surprised us a lot today. He learned how to jump and do a front flip in the air. Of course the mother in me had my heart out of my chest worrying  and thinking of every possible scenario my child could get hurt yet at the same time I can't believe our baby is this big. He's such a go getter, reminds me so much of his brother. He too surprised me with his flipping skills. Our big boy is on the heavier side so is not easy for him to do flips or do things as easy as others can.  But that doesn't stop him from at least trying and that too makes me happy. I want my kids to know that there's nothing they cannot accomplish if they are willing to go for it. 

DITL Winter 2017

DITL Winter 2017

1915 | we arrive at Chilis for dinner. Hubby orders 3 meats fajitas, I get a salad the kids get burgers and fries, mac and cheese, and corn dogs. The food is brought out fairly quickly and we enjoy a good meal wit each other. Some joking around later and it's time to head home. Even though tomorrow is an in-service day so there's no school I want them in bed early (bedtime is usually 8pm on week nights) because they had a busy and productive day today and I'm sure they will have just as much energy tomorrow. 

2045 | we're home. Hubby claims his spot on the couch and puts on a movie. The older boys take out the garbage, and I take AJ a shower and get him ready for bed. He tries to get away with not sleeping in his room tonight but we manage to come to an agreement. If he sleeps in his room all night he will get a chocolate tomorrow. My boy will do anything for a chocolate bar. He'll even go the extra mile if it's a white chocolate Hershey bar. 

Eventually the other two jump in the shower too. They must be really tired because no one came down to say goodnight and after showers were over the upstairs got pretty quiet faster than normal.

DITL Winter 2017

2130 | I decide to start typing up the events of the day using my phone but then I decide to continue from my laptop and after loggin in and typing in the page cannot be opened. I'm confused. There's a ton of other stuff opening up too (iTunes, iPhoto, Word, etc). I find it very strange. I keep messing around with Safari and closing programs but something is not right. Then in iPhoto it tells me that i need to connect a camera or phone to start using it and I'm like WTF!? I panic. I search all over and everything is gone. My pictures. My videos. My files. Everything is gone. 

Hubby is sitting next to me and I tell him all of AJs baby's pictures are gone. Everything from the last 5 years is gone. I start to cry. Like tears just running down my face and snot down my nose. I message my brother to as him what he did to my laptop because he was the last one to use it and he says "nothing". I'm still on panic mode. I don't know what to do. Tears still running down my cheeks. I'm very limited on my computer skills I barely know how to search google and save files, pictures, etc. I couldn't tell you how to change settings and changing the background picture takes my quite the while. So yes I'm very technology challenged. 

Finally I go to the little apple on the left corner and mistakenly click on the log out which pops a window saying that all my files will be deleted. I'm still lost. How can everything be deleted when there's nothing here. Well, what else do I have to lose right. I click OK only to realize that maybe everything is gone because I'm not logged in to my username. I pray that this is what's going on. A minute of torture that felt an eternity pass by and indeed. I was logged in as a guest. 

Thank You Jesus!!! 

I smile then turn to my left to see if hubby is paying attention. He's not. Of course. Then I say "never mind. I was in the wrong account". He looks at me like I'm losing my mind. I explain. He shakes his head and tells me I better invest in a backup hard drive. He says "what did you do with the one I gave you? You didn't even use it did you. I bet you don't even know where it's at." I laugh and think to myself. I know where it is. I just never got around to using it. 

Well let me just say that I have learned a valuable lesson. My goal for the coming week is to back up everything!!! 

2157 | I get a message from my brother after I explain everything saying "Lmao. Smh." I don't even respond back. I'm embarrassed to say that I thought he wiped clean my laptop. 

2200 | I carry on with finishing this post. I want to send it to Julia on time in order to participate in this DITL. Kept going back and forth between recording a day in the life or not. I always have this issue when it's time to do them and most of the time I end up not doing it.

Today was definitely a record day since I was able to finish up the post before midnight. And may I add that I am exhausted!!! I wish I would have gotten better and more pictures though.

DITL Winter 2017

p.s.: update

0017 | email sent. I start to pick up a bit.  I can hardly keep my eyes open. I decide is bedtime the mess can wait till tomorrow.

0055 | I wake up hubby who is knocked out on the couch so we can head up to bed. I'm kind of glad there's no  school tomorrow, I will be definitely sleeping in ;)

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