Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

What a beautiful day it was. 

This time of year is very special to me because it brings back many memories from my childhood. I remember getting new outfits from our parents every year to celebrate Jesus resurrection. Along with that, as soon as the Semana Santa started they had tons of movies on TV about our savior and I got to watch them all with my brother and parents. It was the season for habichuela con Dulce, a very popular Dominican dessert made with beans. This is the type of dessert that you either love or hate. There's no in between. However, you may hate it at first and love it down the road. Take for example my darling husband. 

Growing up the bunny and egg hunts didn't exist. It was all about our Jesus and what he had done for us. Raised in the catholic religion there were many events that happened during the Passover which at that age I didn't understand many of them, but now, now I get it. Too bad I changed religion. 

This year it was even more special to me because I recently got baptized therefore I was determined to start new traditions to go along with the old ones with my little boys. We started with a kids devotional from the Bible App "Children's Guide to Easter" which talked about Jesus life the week before his death. Steven jr and I read it each morning and I loved how much questions and curiosity was in him.  I also learned how much my child really new on this topic. This made me feel so proud, it was such an amazing feeling that is so hard to explain. 

They don't give movies like back in my days but I am glad to say that I am still able to teach my kids what this season is really about. Of course that they are still kids and the Easter bunny and egg hunts are a must. We've been doing it with Steven since he was about AJ's age and this was AJ first year hunting for eggs. It was too funny watching him get the eggs. He would just open them up to see what was inside and when he tried a piece of chocolate... Oh dear, it was the end. My kid has officially became a chocolate lover. 

Overall it was a very nice day with a service at church and our traditional dinner at my mother-in-law's house. I love keeping up with traditions. Looking back at the pictures is what I enjoy most! To see the change within all of us is priceless. 

I believe I've said it before, I think we enjoy the holidays just a bit more after we've become parents ourselves. Don't you think? 

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