Monday, January 18, 2016


This week was not as eventful as I thought it would be, it even made me question following through with this weekly recap project. I mean, there's only so much I can say about the week when I start working weekdays again. But alas, I'm sure some weeks will be more interesting than others and those that are not will just have to deal. Right? Right.

Sunday was my first work day of the week but it followed Saturday on that it was one hectic day at work (also, I will be posting on Sundays not Saturdays, I was thrown off last week). Very unusual for a weekend. I started to regret picking up every weekend this month. I just tried my best and waited patiently anxiously for the end of my shift. After getting home and showering, the boys got ready for bed and hubby put on a movie for all to watch. I hung around until I had to pick up my little sister from work at 930p. As I drove to her work place (Pizza Hut) my belly started making noises and I realized I hadn't eaten since lunch at work so I ordered a medium pizza. I told myself, "this is the last hurrah, this week I will eat healthier and go to the gym at least 3 out of my 4 days off". Ha!


Monday was a funny day and the most eventful of them all. We all woke up and got ready for school. I dropped off all the kiddos and stopped over Big Lots to purchase One item. Well, if you're anything like me you know that you never leave a store with just one item, sometimes not even with the item you went in for in the first place. I just love to browse and get ideas plus the Christmas decor was on sale. Better yet, at checkout they had an additional 25% off so guess what was my total? $18 minus a $6 gift card from a return last month. Hey, I'll take totals like that any day :)

From there I head to another store and met up with Rose (the new girl on the block as per my ABCs). Not much was spent there either and we got just what we needed, a mixer for our Cosmo date after the gym. No judging please jajaja. We did in fact go to the gym afterward and then we ate Chinese and drank vodka. We told our hubbies that the whole reason we ended up at the gym was to pre burn all the calorie intake that was bound to happen thus not to make us feel guilty. Sounds rational right? ;) A few weeks back we had agreed to spend girl time at least once a month and it just so happened that they have fallen on a Mondays so far. That's a pretty nice way to start the week if you ask me ;)

The guys crashed our girl time right about 2p and at 430 I left to pick up the kids. I came back for a couple more drinks and we ended up ordering pizza and wings. I said "tomorrow, tomorrow is another day to start over". we hung around until about 8ish, definitely not our normal weekday routine but the way I see it is that as long as is not an every day thing it's ok to break the routine once in a while.  

Tuesday I woke up sore, but not as sore as I was on Wednesday. I ended up not going to the gym Tuesday because I had some running around to do with Lito and some more clothes to fold. I feel that all I do when I'm home is dishes and laundry. I made some chicken pot pie that day too, it had been forever since I last made it. It's been so long that even the hubby ate some instead of a firecracker shrimp salad I had planned for him. 


Ooo it also snowed on Tuesday. The official first snowfall of 2016 in our town but it was like nothing. All I know is that when I said that there was snow on the ground Steven bundled up and headed outside. When I went out behind him I found him "making snowballs" and playing with the neighbors kids. In the dark! What is wrong with my child.  


On Wednesday when I woke up I was surprise to only feel tightness in my buttocks, I even rolled around in bed a few times to see if it was just the position I was in but nope, nothing. Then I got up. Holy Jesus I could barely stand straight let alone walk. I was weak at the knee and  found it so had to even take a couple of steps, my legs were so shaky. After finding my balance and managing to make it out the house and drop off the boys in their respective locations I decided to go back to the gym, crazy I know. I figured that I was going to hurt regardless and that maybe if I at least kept my muscles moving they wouldn't tighten up and hurt more or for a longer period and guess what? it worked! although I was in horrible pain the rest of the day I woke up Thursday feeling like a whole new woman. The pain was minimal, a lot less than the day before and I was able to walk just fine. 


After getting home from the gym I cleaned the chicken and put chili on the crock pot for dinner. while that cooked I spend the rest of the afternoon reorganizing AJ's bedroom. He has so much stuff and got even more toys and furniture for his room that I was trying to make it all look nice and not cluttered. I think I did a pretty good job moving things around. Everything is organized and there's plenty of room for paying and making messes, because that's exactly what he does when he plays make a mess. We ended the night with a delicious chili that went perfect with the cold weather and some ice cream for dessert. 


Thursday I did more laundry. Since I was going to be working the next three days I just knew there would be no intense cleaning and definitely no doing laundry. I was able to wash, fold, and put away everything except one load of whites that it still waiting to be put away. I also baby sat my little cousin this week again. He behaved well and finally ate at my house. When the boys got home AJ him played a while and then watched cartoon episodes on the iPads. The hubby laid on the couch to watch a movie and I took advantage to sneak away and watch my hair. As I blow dried it the thought of cutting it again crossed my mind. My hair has grown a lot the last year but now I have some damage from twisting it while it's wet and my hair keeps breaking and it's very fragile in some parts. I have to go for a trim within the next week or so and depending how much thought I keep giving it I might just do it. It's only hair right, it'll grow again.

The following three days felt both like an eternity and a breeze. I had an easy group of patients for the weekend and a trainee on Friday and Saturday. Sometimes having a trainee is awesome because they do all my dirty work and I just supervise them and give them feedback yet at the same time doing hardly nothing for 12 hours makes the day drag. But I'll take weekends like this any time compared to last weekend. 

It's funny, today marks a year that I've been in this position and don't lie when I say that I still love what I do. I do have my bad days from time to time but I see them as reminders to appreciate the good days. I start each morning with prayer which helps me make it through the day even on the worse of days and I love that. I never saw myself on a med/surg floor but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I can't guarantee that I'd want to stay on this kind of floor forever but for the moment I'm content. Most places complain about their management and that's one area where I consider myself lucky. Management here is awesome and there is no drama among my coworkers. I can't complain, God works in mysterious ways but his ways are always best. I'm happy to be here and I hope that this is only the beginning of something wonderful!

Lastly, I want to note for this week that the husband has been a gem. He woke up early both Saturday and Sunday to make me breakfast. He sent me the sweetest messages while I was at work and he has done very well the past two weekends being with the boys all weekend long. My husband is not a man of much patience but it seems that he's been handling the boys well and has not been stressed  over it. Don't get me wrong, he is an amazing father and does pretty well with them when he has them while I'm at work or school but the constant fighting, yelling, loudness, and eating that come with my little boys are not easy to deal with specially when he is not used to it since I'm he one always home and he works so much and gets home late. You got this babe! thanks for all of your help lately, you are a dream come true xoxo 
Weekly pictures of the boys 2/52



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