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This week started off on lazy mode. After 3 shifts of 12 hours each I under estimated how tired I'd feel come Monday. I'm just thankful that I didn't purchase tickets to the crayola factory as I had planned. I wanted to take the boys out for a little outing since there was no school but that was a big fat fail. We stood home all day. Steven and Lito played video games pretty much all day which I realize is not recommended but if they play 5 hours in a 7 days period that is a lot. On the weekends we're usually on the go and video games are not allowed during the weekdays because of school so I guess it was more fun for them to stay home and play the X box than go play with crayons. 

AJ in the other hand had a blast in his room. I swear his room is my favorite in the entire house. I will be so sad when the day comes where he would have to share a room with a sibling. Although I'm sure I'll make it a pretty awesome shared room ;) this day we recorded his 3 years old interview and he played with multiple toys in his room. He's always playing with the easily accessible ones which are his cars but we worked together in building his ikea wooden train track which I love so much because once we are done playing with it we take it apart and put it away until next time. He hung out with me in the kitchen a while and then with Lito and Steven in his room. He is so easily entertained, I love it! 


I played with my laptop pretty much all day paying bills, cleaning up iPhotos, and catching up on blogging. I also made a delicious dinner and baked some banana nut muffins which turned out delicious! I need to remember to take it slow when I do three in a row. I don't do them often and I don't like doing them at all but I have a few shifts like that coming up the next couple of months so that I don't have to use my PTO. 

Tuesday morning after dropping off the boys at school I headed over to buy me a couple of sweaters for everyday use for either the gym or inside the house. Then I met with Steph and sweet baby Abel for breakfast. I feel that things between her and BIL are pretty serious being that they have a baby and are engaged so I want to start building a closer relationship with her. I don't see her friends come around often anymore (maybe due to the season) yet again things change once a baby and a fiance are involved. It was a really nice time with a honest chat and I hope we get together more often without the brothers ;)

After our breakfast date I ended up at the gym with Rose for a little over an hour. I really like hanging out with her, the more time we spend together the more we seem to hit it off. I hope this is only the beginning of something awesome! Have I said this before? I think I have a crush on her :) lol a girlfriend crush of course. After the gym we drove to VS for a nice deal they had on their sports bra and leggings. I kept saying "we are bad!" We are not that type of friend that tells you why you shouldn't buy something, instead we give each other reasons why we should hahaha. I'm seriously laughing out loud as I type this and think back to this day. From there she headed on to another store and I drove home.


That evening I cooked some white rice with rotisserie chicken (store bought) and a carrot, corn, and beets salad I ate as a kid. It was so good. I've been wanting to eat white rice for so long. I cannot remember the last time that I did so it taste just like I had expected, double win! After dinner I baked banana nut muffins from a recipe that SIL had given to me months ago.  Some days I don't have time to make breakfast and this is a perfect grab and go snack especially for the kids before school being that they eat breakfast at school. Some cleaning and a movie later and that was our Tuesday night. 

On Wednesday the hubby didn't have a set time for work so we all slept in till about 7am. He ended up not working at all that day and it was some much needed quality time since I haven't been home on the weekends. I handed the kids some muffins and made ourselves a berry, oats, and spinach breakfast drink, to go, and after dropping off the kids we headed over to the gym. I'm proud of myself for making it at least a couple of times a week the last several weeks. I'm trying to create a habit that will eventually turn into a lifestyle. ***fingers crossed*** that I follow through with this. I've only gone one other time to the gym with my love due to the fact that his workouts are more extreme and longer than what I do. He has been going to the gym since before we started dating so for him this is part of his everyday. I love his dedication to the gym and to see how much he enjoys it. I have to admit that although there have been times in the past where I have argued with him over the many hours he spends at the gym over the course of a week lately I've been reminding myself that he could be interested in other things that wouldn't be beneficial to his health and would create even bigger and more serious issues between us. Plus, I see the results of the time spent there and  I like it ;)


We ended up at Sams after the gym to buy some meat I needed for dinner throughout the week. Then we started talking about what we should do when we got home and we agreed on eating cheese and crackers while sipping on some wine. As we browsed the many cheese they had we decided on a cheese and fruit platter they had just put out. A quick stop at wines and spirits and it was all set. Ten minutes later we were home and we set up our station and picked a movie to watch. Hump days are my favorite days even when I have to work :) After the movie we napped till 4pm. Man, when does that ever happen as an adult? I kept thinking, the kids would be so right on saying that they don't want to go to school today because we were going to have fun without them hahaha and they would be right! I woke up kinda scare thinking that I had slept too long and forgot to pick up AJ but it was only 4:15p and the hubby was getting ready to go get him. After he left I started to make dinner and take out ingredients for a whole wheat apple muffin recipe that I love. There were no more banana muffins and I had a ton of apples that I didn't want to go bad so more muffins it was. They didn't last long either and more have been requested. 

Once everyone arrived home we ate dinner and took showers. Hubby put on Aladdin, talk about old school, and I took advantage to unknot AJ's hair. His hair has gotten so long now that it's almost impossible to wash and comb in the shower without getting a backache so I've been combing it first with conditioner while he watches TV and then rinse it out in the shower. I was feeling adventurous and then decided to give him a trim. I didn't cut much because I didn't want to mess it up either because I was cutting on curly damp hair or because he couldn't keep his head up straight. So he got a very little trim until I get more comfortable. A nice warm shower for AJ completed this night. 


Thursday was a work day. A very busy workday. It was nonstop. I had 6 of my patients in some sort of contact precaution between shingles, the flu, and c diff. They all rang at the same time to be either put on commodes, bedpan and be walked to the bathroom while attached to some sort of IV fluid. Every part of my day consisted of doing actual work. I wasn't able to chart until about an hour before my shift ended, it was bad. Very bad. But at the same time I was giving care to human beings that really needed it. It's my favorite part of my job, the one on one interactions and when we are understaffed and it brings on days like these it makes me upset. This night I was just glad that I didn't have to work the next day. I was beat and needed a day off. 


Friday came along and I was happy for it. For starters I wanted to record a day in the life and wished I had but I didn't have enough pictures. My brother surprised me with a call to say he was coming over with my niece. We had great conversions and much needed bonding. I love my siblings to death and I wish them nothing but the best. I just wish they would take life more seriously. I guess in due time right. He was going to take his oldest daughter to Chuckie Cheese so I invited him to come back for dinner and to bring the baby as well and he did. I love having these two beauties in my home. And my brother too of course. After his second arrival I get a knock on the door. My sisters are here. I was both shocked and happy. Me and my siblings are all very different and see life differently. We don't spend much time together and we're all pretty much at different phases of life. But seeing us all under one roof was perfect, I wanted so bad to snap a picture but didn't dare to ask. Pride I tell you is the worse enemy. 

Later that night the hubby and I stopped over friends house while my not so little sister watched the boys. I was schedule to work on Saturday and Sunday so I told hubby we could only stay till 1am the latest. It was almost 3am when we got home. Why is it that time seem to fly by when you are enjoying yourself? I have no regrets though because I sure needed some adult time. As we left a nice layer of snow covered the road and the falling snow started to fall thicker and faster. There was not doubts now, we were in for it this weekend.

Since we were expecting a very dangerous snow storm over the weekend and I was debating whether or not to go to work but at the end of it all I ended up going. I knew that many people would call out of work and the hubby had offered to drive me so I went with it. Plus who doesn't like brownie points from their supervisor ;) 


Saturday morning hubby and I woke up and he drove me to work as planned. The roads where unbelievable for that short period of snow that fell and the snow was expected to last till later that night. All day at work we anticipated who would come and who wouldn't. I'm happy to announce however that this weekend was awesome! I was busy but I was able to manage it all without getting overwhelmed.

By Sunday we had gotten over 30 inches of snow, 18 inches more than what the meteorologist had predicted. The roads were disgusting and not drivable unless you had big trucks.  The hubby took me and a coworker to work that morning and then came home to shovel out the cars and clean the front and the back of the house. He and the boys met up with his dad for dinner and he brought me home a nice piece of steak with whipped loaded potatoes, corn, and cinnamon rolls. I promise you I will be with this man till death do us part. Just the nice before I had told him that I was craving steak and the next day he surprises me with a New York Strip :) He does listen when I talk hahaha. 


Weekly pictures of the boys 3/52



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