Thursday, January 7, 2016

Introduction to My Story

Toward the end of last year I came across a question, "what is your story?" I thought about it a bit and not too long after I told myself I should write  my story on my blog. I'm already set to document as much as I possibly can about my life this year, so why not take one day of the week to write about my life the past 28 years, where I was born and raised, memories of me living in the Dominican Republic, major events in my life, the hardship and the good things, etc. 

More than anything I want these story live on forever, I want to be able to come back to these words when and if my memory starts to fail and I want my children and grandchildren to know the real me, all about me. So I invite you to come on over but this little space of mine,  grab some wine, put your feet up, and join me on throwback Thursdays to a trip down memory lane. There'll be many sad stories but don't let them consume you because they are all in the past now and believe it or not I am thankful for them, most of them anyways, because those stories are what shaped me into the woman that I am today.  

My story is far from a fairytale but it's my story and I am going to document it. :) 

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