Friday, January 8, 2016

ABCs of me

I've been seeing this kind of post around the web several times and couldn't see it any more fitting than jointing in especially since is the beginning of the new year, my last year in my 20s, and noticing an increase in readers and posts views. So welcome to all who have found me recently, I hope you like what you read and stay a while :) 

A. Age: I'm 28 and will be entering the last year in my 20s pretty soon. T-68 days.

B. Best day ever: it may sound cliche but I honestly thank the heavens that I got send to detention back in 2005 and met my now husband hahaha. Because of that little incident I started a chapter in my life that has yet to finish and boy has it been quite the adventure. Of course that it brought on many ups as well as downs but I would not mind doing it over. All of it! 

C. Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom. I can't stand to even think about it. Of course that after starting I go all out cleaning it but any time before that I will procrastinate to the max before getting to it.

D. Drink of choice: It depends on the time of day and day of week but I mainly enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the mornings, Tea before bed, and wine anytime in between. I mainly prefer the wine though ;)

E. Easiest person to talk to: My SIL Lola, sorry husband. I love talking to her about everything. She's my confident and mentor although she's currently giving me the silent treatment. It's all good though. 

F. Favorite color: Honestly, I don't have one. I love every color and from time too time I tend to use one more than another. However, if I have to make a choice I'd say grey.

G. Gent: I consider myself to be lucky enough to have three Gents 

H. Hobby: Blogging and makig albums.

I. Ice cream flavor of choice: Strawberry with gummy bears topping :)

J. Job: I'm currently employed as a technical partner (nurse's aid) at a hospital. I love what I do and it truly does bring me so much joy. Only if the pay was better *sigh*

K. Kindest person you know: My bff Zoila wins the award for that. She is the most sincere, loving, compassionate, caring person I know.

L. Loving: A new friendship that I've been forming with the new girl on the block, figuratively speaking, and I hope it grows into something great and lasts a lifetime!

M. Music: when is not the Christian music station in Spanish on pandora is the few Christian CDs I've bought the past few months.

N. Nickname: Pam, Pammy, Orchid, Flower, take your pick. 

O. One wish: if it would be anything in this world, even the impossible, I'd wish to get an extra day with my dad. I wish I'd have the chance to hug and kiss him one more time, to hear his voice, to rest my head on his lap and tell him how much I've missed him and still love him. 

P. Person you talked to on the phone last: My mom. She in the Dominican Republic and I got a call from her way too early this morning. 

Q. Question you’re always asked: "Where do you get Pam from?" My first name is Orquidea (Spanish for Orchid) but I always tell people to call me Pam because it is easier to remember and pronounce.

R. Reason to smile: God's everlasting love and grace.

S. Season of choice: Fall. The colors, the weather, sweaters and scarfs, pumpkin lattes and apple cinamon, everything fall related brings me so much happiness it is the next most wonderful time of year after christmas.

T. Time you woke up: ha! Well is funny I'm posting this today because I woke up early, like 6ish, to get the boys ready for school but the hubby was nice enough to drop them off for me and after they left I paid some bills and hit the covers again. That being said, I slept till 1:45pm today. I  know I know but I sure needed that sleep. I was catching up on sleep from the last few days. 

U. University: Still at it and wish I wasn't. I feel like a professional student after so many years of classes that seem never ending.

V. Vacation destination: Europe. I'd love to travel to Italy, France, England, Spain, and so many more places in that side of the world. Oh let's not forget Australia. Is one of the husband and I dreams to visit this place someday. 

W. Worst habit: procrastination. Confirmed by the husband so I'll leave it at that. 

X. X-Rays: I do t think I've had any X-rays aside firm the routine dental ones.  

Y. Your favorite Food: oh boy. Can we keep this as general as possible and simply say everything that can be eaten jajaja. I just love food. Especially carbs containing foods ;) 

Z. Zodiac Sign: Pisces, from imaginative to over sensitive, to understand this sign is to know me. So crazy yet so true. 

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