Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Story: fondest memories

Often times, especially when I observe my kids, I think back to what my childhood looked like. We didn't have much technology or money so making a game out of anything was fair game. I like to think of my time in DR as one of the best moments in my life simply because I consider those moments to be innocent and full of true happiness.

*Rainy days in DR where so much fun! We were allowed to go out and play in the rain. My cousins and I would run circles around the house getting wet and finding "cañones" that would allow the water to fall on us fast and hard. Whenever we visit Dorney Park (the amusement park in our town) I love going to water works because it takes me back to those special rainy days. 

*Playing marbles with my brother and his friends. I was the youngest of the girls and no one ever wanted to play with me so I'd take it upon myself in joining my brother's games. I remember being very bad  at it but boy was it fun. We would statin ourselves on the side of our grandparents house and make a circle on the dirt to play against each other, winner takes all hahaha. 
*Having all the kids in the neighborhood come in front of my grandparents house and/or up the street from our house to play freeze tag, or manhunt.

*Sitting under an almond tree with some of the kids by our house. I don't recall much of what we would do but I remember the tree, the adults gathering around it drinking beer, and us sorta imitating them minus the beer ;) 

*Waiting for my grandpa (father's dad) to come home from work so I can assist him in taking off his work shoes and socks. He would give me one whole "peso" to myself for doing that. One peso went far in those days. I recall an incident with one of my cousin where he wanted the peso and try to push me out of my spot to assist grandpa but instead grandpa told us each to take a leg and he gave us 50 cents. Neither of us where happy about it. 

*Oh the carnival. I remember those days so well. People would dress up and parade around town. They'd make "balloons" out of cow's bladders and whoever was out on the streets without a costume would get hit with it. Now, don't ask me what was the purpose of that or or how I thought it was fun because there might be more to it than what I remember. I just know that if I wasn't wearing a custome I would watch from my window. One of my favorite custome and the only one I remember wearing was that of a gypsy like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

*There was this park located diagonally from one of our house in DR that I would frequent often to play in the swings. My memory is a bit unclear about specific times at this park but I remember always coming home with a piece of jewelry missing and my mom being super mad about it each and every time.

*My moms dad passed away when I was fairly young, either three or four, but I have this memory of me sitting on his lap begging him to let me do his hair. He had an afro and I would ask him to let me comb his hair. According to  my memory he said yes and I had a ton of moñitos (pony tails) on his head hahaha. That's the only memory I have of him and boy do I love that memory, it is so vivid it's like it just happened not so long ago.

*My godfather is a seamstress in the DR and he would make me doll size furniture for me to play with. I had everything from beds to couches and side tables. Man he was talented!

*My grandma was the best grandma ever to me from what I remember and memories of her would live on forever. My brother and I lived with her for a long time while we were kids and she wold treat us like we were her own. Most of my memories of DR involve her and her house. I remember hiding from my mom under her skirts, going with her to do errands and visit her daughters. I was this skinny, long, and shy girl and this woman would protect me and cradle me in her arms like a mother would. Aside from stories I've heard on how she treated my mother, she wins the best grandma award in my book. I miss her so much!


To remember is to live. I'm glad I though of doing this series. I have so much that I want to remember.

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