Sunday, February 14, 2016

When your faith faith gets tested part 3&4

So it's been awhile since my last post in regards to this matter. A few more disappointments but I've managed to accept them for what they were.

October 1st was the deadline to apply to the nursing program a the community college I took all my pre reqs. I applied and all seemed well although I was a bit worried that my chemistry would cause problems again. And it did. In novemeber I recieved a letter informing me that I was not being considered to the program, it stated the reason why and what I could do that would allow me to reapply the following year and improve my chances. Even though this letter was another "rejection" letter it provided reasons and advice, something not done so by the other college I applied earlier in the year, which I greatly appreciated.

In the meantime I was working on plan C. Aplying to another nursing program. This school had two deadlines, October 1st and February 1st. I was somewhat hesitant on applying because I feared the worse and I did not want another rejection so soon so I missed the first deadline. 

Came January and I got on it. It was now or never. I had two plans, apply to this nursing program and also change my major to a Diagnostic Sonographer Assosiates degree. Both deadlines where February 1st. I thought, my luck cannot be that bad! Yet I had to remember that these programs are highly competitive. The nursing program only accepts 30 students while the sonographer accepts 10. Crazy right?

The week before the deadlines I made sure that every require document was submitted. I had to take yet another test for this nursing school as well and I was freaking out. Did I mention how much I hate tests? Especially when I cannot study for them. And when they are timed. Grrr! What's the point of of that anyways?! 

Monday February 1st I had to go in for the test. I was so nervous I ended up taking something for my nerves. #truestory Before leaving my house I said a prayer and put it all on his hands. I repeated many of the things I had said on previous prayers, I asked for his will to be done, and to help me accept whatever the outcome was.

The test went pretty well. I left feeling confident. Two hours later I was able to log in online to check my score and I pass! I wasn't sure what the numbers were so I texted a friend currently in that program so she can explained and she confirmed my excitement. I couldn't contain my excitement on my drive back home. I was so thankful! A little bit of light was breaking it's way in to my life :)

The next day I called the nursing school to inquire about my high school transcript and they said that they had yet to receive it. That got me upset because the secretary at my high school assured me that it would be delivered the same day. Later that day I got a message from the nursing coordinator stating that she had "miraculously" (her exact word) come across my high school transcript from 2013 when I first applied to their program. I couldn't believe it, this news made my day. 
The following day I received yet another email stating that I qualify to move on to the interview process. They offered various times for February 9th and I took the earliest because I just wanted to get it over and done. 

The day of the interview came around super fast. I was nervous but not as nervous as test day. Something kept lingering in my head, a comment from a patient's family member. As I was caring for her mom she said, "you have a very pleasant face. Very pretty and appalling. You must hear that a lot because your face is not one you forget quickly". I don't know why I thought of this moments before my interview but I did and it only made me feel good. I thought, I shouldn't worry too much I should just be me and be honest. After all my face will not be forgotten quickly" ;) I know I know, I sound so full of myself but hey that patient's daughter was right. I get a lot of compliments day after day. Hence my post I want to see what people see. 

So. I showed up on time. Praise the good Lord. And the interview lasted about thirty minutes. I felt good. I thought I did well. And I left the building feeling excited for what was to happen. I was told acceptance emails/letters would go out February 21st which was like two weeks later. I keep saying these next few days will be the longest day of the year. I wish I would just know already. 

Meanwhile I kept working on plan D. The Sonographer program. I tried staying occupied to not think about the 21st too much and it was working but I would periodically check my email for any news regarding the nursing program. I had this feeling that those who did get accepted would hear back sooner than the 21st and I was right. 
Friday February 11th only 45 minutes before I left work I happened to check my email. I've been checking it all day and nothing so the last thing on my mind was expecting to hear from them. However, once my emails updated there it was. An email from the school of nursing with the subjrct easing Congratulations! 

I was in, I've been acceptance to the nursing program starting May 2016 with graduation set for December 2017. God is good! Boy is he good :) 

I'm going to be a nurse!!!!

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