Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steven's First Day of Kindergarten

So this post is a bit overdo but hey, it's better late than never right?

About 2 weeks ago my baby boy started school. I was so excited to see him go off to school and start his education, 2 weeks down 12+ years to go lol. However... this was an eye opener. My baby has officially stopped being a baby. When did that happened? I watch him as he sleeps and I see how long he's gotten and how his baby fat is slowly fading away. He even has a loose tooth already so it's just a matter of time before he starts loosing his baby teeth. I don't know if I should be excited about this or sad. He's my firstborn and my only child as of right now and time seems to be passing by too fast. 

He can write and spell his name. He's identifying some words and spelling them as well. And he has changed major already. First he wanted to be a doctor when he grows up because he wanted to work at the hospital to spend time with me now he wants to be a kindergarten teacher because his teacher is a lot of fun lol. He makes me laugh so much, everyday is something new.

He has such a personality, just like his daddy.  And he's always asking to get his hair cut like daddy or get the same shoes and clothes as daddy. He imitates his daddy all the time! It makes me a little jealous, I definitively need to start thinking about bringing a Pamelita into this world ;)

They are so cute! Love you kids :)

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