Wednesday, November 27, 2013

25 Days of Christmas

I've been feeling this holiday season for quite sometime now. And it has taken all of me to not put up any kind of Christmas decoration around the house. However, rest assure that as soon as Thanksgiving is over I will decorate right away. Probably even that night. Inside and out. 

While I wait for that day to come all I could do was plan ahead. Kind of like a Christmas bucket list. A pretty long one at that. I've been very disorganized the past years and it's about time I change that. With two boys in the house is time to give them holiday traditions to look forward too. I never had this growing up and I want to cherish every moment of every holiday with them. With my little family. 

Here are 25 things I'd like to try this year. Some are simple others a bit harder. Nonetheless I will try my best at completing them (or convincing the hubby) and enjoying the most wonderful time of year with my boys. All 3 of them!

1. Go see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and walk around Christmas City
2. Put up Christmas tree and decor
3. Display Christmas countdown blocks
4. Watch the Live Bethlehem Christmas Pageant 
5. Send Christmas cards
6. Attend ugly sweater party
7. Have festive breakfast or brunch (inspired by Jessica)
8. Play Christmas Vacation drinking game (also inspired by Jessica)
9. Go ice skating and see the Christmas tree in NYC 
10. Make hands ornament for tree
11. Bake and decorate cookies
12. Drive through Lights in the Parkway
13. Plan a festive date night
14. Start 12 days of Christmas 
15. Pay it forward-pay for someone's coffee in line/drive thru
16. Donate food/clothes to a shelter
17. Take bake goods to ladies at work 
18. Build Gingerbread house
19. Watch movies and drink hot chocolate 
20. Take the boys to see Santa
21. Have couples night
22. Wrap all gifts on time
23. Stuff stocking
24. Open up Christmas Eve gift
25. Bake cookies for Santa

Movies to watch: Home Alone 1&2, Elf, Four Christmas, Love Actually, and pretty much all the movies in ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. 

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  1. I cannot believe it is just 3 weeks away! How does it sneak up so fast?! How is the list going so far?!

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

    1. Tell me about it! This year just flew by. The list is going pretty good. I'm impressed at how much we've done so far :)