Friday, August 28, 2015

OCMD 2015 Part 1: Day 1

 Every year for the past 10 years we have visited Ocean City, Maryland. We tend to go two times over the summer, once with MIL and once with FIL. Depending the occasion, others might join in on the fun like my mom, siblings, friends, aunt/cousins, etc. Each year is different and we never know who will  join us to the beach until the rooms are booked and we are there.

This year we had planned to go with MIL late in June. We stayed 3 nights/4 days at the Francis Scott Key Family Resort, which we highly recommend if you happen to take trip to OC, MD. We love this place, I mean we must if we've stayed there every year for the past 8 years right? :)

This particular trip was scheduled on my weekend rotation at work and although I was able to get the weekend off, I had another commitment the day we were set to drive down which required me to drive later in the day. That was the day I was scheduled to take my TOEFL test. MIL, her hubby, and their foster kids drove down in one car while my hubby, kids, and BIL with his girlfriend Stephanie drove down in hubby's car. They left town around 7am and by 1030am they were at he resort. MIL's room was ready when they arrived so they were able to check in right away but hubby's room was not ready and they all had to use one room for EVERYTHING! Can you imagine, 13 people having to use 1 bathroom. lol.



 I left town around noon with my mom. I figured we'd be there by 3:30p-4pm the latest as did the GPS until we entered Philadelphia (I-95 S). I don't know what was going on with traffic that day but as soon as we were getting off the PA turnpike we hit tremendous traffic. AS if traffic was not enough it started to rain. Scratch that, it was pouring cats and dogs and I was not happy because I dislike driving in that type of weather just as much as I dislike driving in the snow. Despite that we continued the drive and made a quick pee stop somewhere in Delaware for my old lady and to grab some snacks. After getting back on the road the rain got even worse and it lasted quite some time. When it finally stopped the drive became a bit more tolerable even if it felt like never ending. It took us exactly 5 hours and 45 minutes when it normally takes us 3.5 hours at its max. Although I can't complain much since that drive was time well spent with my mom. We talked about everything that's anything even from as far back as her childhood. Memories, you gotta love it!


At some point during our drive I get a call from the hubby. He wanted to check on us and also inform us that one of the foster kids cracked his head open when he tried doing a front flip into the pool. Apparently, instead of landing in the water he landed head first on the concrete pool edge. Ouch! That ended his fun right away. He was rushed to the nearest emergency room and got staples on his head. He was told that he could not expose the wound to the sun or get his head in salt or chlorine water due to risk of infection. He had to follow up with his family doctor after we returned home. What a sucky situation for a young kid on vacation. Other than that he was fine and was able to make the best out of it on the days to follow.

Once my mom and I arrived we unpacked the car and settled into our room. The boys had been in the inside pool and where just getting out to get dressed. Plan was to stop by the supermarket to get some things for the coming days and for dinner that night. When we travel with MIL we don't eat out much because there are just way too many kids and that is complete chaos. After leaving the supermarket we each headed to our assigned room and relaxed till word was out that dinner was done. For dinner MIL made the best kind of food for a rainy day, Chicken noodle soup with white rice. Yum.



That night was a quiet and early one. MIL stood in her room with her wolf pack while Stephanie, my mom, the boys, and I were watching movies in our room. The boys felt asleep almost immediately, as expected. Hubby and BIL went out for "night crab fishing". That was, well lets just say it was interesting but they at least had fun lol.



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