Sunday, August 30, 2015

OCMD 2015 Part 1: Day 2


Plan for today was to start the day early by going to the beach for a bike ride. We did start the day early but not as early as MIL would have liked. The resort offers transportation to and from the beach however it starts after seven and we were out of the room just before seven. We drove both cars to the beach and parked on 3rd street, if you go this early you're more likely to find parking on the street then if you go after 8 AM. 



We got our bike rentals and rode up and down the boardwalk for about an hour then we did a little bit of walking and picture taking. During our ride we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for some coffee and donuts. By 9 AM we were on our way back to the room. We went to get ready for the beach and to have some breakfast with the things that we bought the day before. MIL made breakfast for her crew in her room and I made bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwiches for the people in our room while my hubby went to the gym for a bit. Not even on the vacation he takes a break from the gym, you would think that that will motivate me to live a more healthy/active lifestyle but no I have yet to make it there.  



After breakfast we headed to the beach where I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. We pretty much took pictures, sat around and relaxed, built castles with the kids, got in the ocean about knee-high water you know, because we weren't sure if any sharks would attack ;-P. I try to read my book keyword being tried and we played some more. Around noon the kids had sandwiches and juices we brought with us and then back to the water we went. 





Around 1pm we headed back to the shuttle bus location to get back to the resort and enjoy some pool time. The pool water was super cold and I honestly had no desire to get in it. I did enjoy some time in the hot tub though as did my mom and the hubby. The hot tube was my mom's favorite spot, most of her time in OC was spent in the hot tub whether it was outside or inside. While everyone enjoyed multiple delicious piña colada by the pool I decided to spend some alone time in the room. I like to be a loner at times and just being left alone in a quiet place can be all I need to recharge. As a moms I think we can all agree that there's never a dull moment where we can have true quietness, therefore every time the opportunity presents itself I jump on it like white on rice :) the boys stayed with daddy and I went about my way to the room. Plus my phone was dead and I wanted to charge it. 

My time in the room was short lived by a knock on the door from the hubby who was bringing AJ back because he had pooped and had a mess from head to toe. Soon after and two by two everyone joined me in the room and they were all beat from the sun. While some showered hubby went out with BIL and MIL's husband to buy blue crabs and shrimps for dinner. MIL makes a delicious seafood rice and throws in crab legs, I call it the Puertorican Paella. That's what we were having for dinner on this night. Well at least the adults were and Steven, this child eats just about everything. The other kids had nuggets and Mac and cheese. Dinner was done pretty late tonight too so in we stayed. Plus hubby had a little too much to drink and was passed out sleeping since getting back from buying the crabs. He even skipped eating dinner which is rare for him. The kids played outside after eating and the adults talked for a little while. 


After getting back to our room my mom put both of my boys to sleep with her, hubby was still sleeping, and BIL joined him. Stephanie watched TV while I picked up my book to read once again and that's the last thing I remember.  The next day Stephanie told me that the book read me lol in other words I fell right asleep after reading a few words. At some point over the night the hubby woke up to shower and eat his dinner. I remember exchanging a few words with him but can't remember what they were. He then headed to bed and that was day two at OCMD. 

The Crew!


Bonus: Click play on the 10sec video to see my youngest run away from the waves with his famous scream. This was his second time at the beach. The first time he was just about 10 months and the waves didn't phase him. This time around that was a completely different story hahaha.


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