Wednesday, September 2, 2015

OCMD 2015 Part 1: Day 3


Day three was the most eventful day of our trip and my favorite day.

Even with us going to bed as early as we did the night before we did not wake up as easy as we had planned. Like the day before we wanted to be one of the firsts people on the beach mainly because MIL was going to be taking some maternity pictures of the parents to be. Did I ever mentioned that MIL is an inpatient lady? Well she is and since we missed her was u call at the crack of dawn she up and left us. When we woke up and noticed her calls on each phone in the room we knew we were in deep trouble. We called her back shortly after but she said that she refused to wait for us too wake up and that if we wanted to meet her she would be at the beach enjoying herself.


We quickly got ready and drove to meet her but even with that she had been there for over 30 minutes already. Again we made a DD coffee and sandwiches for some of us. Stephanie and AJ ate cereal in the room while everyone else got ready.You should have seen her face as we walked down the sand toward them, #Priceless! she was pissed.


Once on the beach everyone got assigned a job. The guys were to watch the kids while I played MIL's assistant for the photo shoot. The weather was perfect and the sun was bright as ever. After a few photos I started to get frustrated with myself and my Nikkon. It was either I had no idea what I was doing or my camera was going bad because I could not get it to focus properly how/where I wanted. So I shoot blindly hoping that some of the pictures would come out decent. And quite frankly   I do have a few favorites. I got lucky there. Now if only i knew how to work photoshop to make my faves even better :)





After our photo shoot was over I volunteer MIL to take a few pictures of my little family and as we're posing one of the random beach photographer comes over and persuades us to pose for him. We knew right away we weren't going too, although those pictures come out super nice they are way too expensive. But he insisted and insisted until we agreed to pose for him. He only took pictures of my little family and a couple of Steph and Miguel. After a little while the sun got super hot and the beach was getting too packed so we headed back to the resort to drop off our chairs and towels to then head back to the beach area to go on a boat ride.



Every time we come to OC we go on a boat ride. The kids love it because they get splash with sea water and they get to see dolphins. They say that it is not always the case that you get to see them but every time we've done the ride we've seen them. This time of day was super hot and I swear my skin was on fire after it was over. I'm sure that having salt water on my skin didn't help the issue. AJ ended up falling asleep during the ride which was expected since it was right around nap time for him.






After the boat ride we bought some ice cream and walked over to the car to drive back to the resort. The  husband ordered some pizza for us to eat for lunch and  after eating we went to the kids water area which has a huge pirate ship with slides and water sprinklers. Is like a little water park for the kids. Being in there brought back so many memories from the early days that we would come here with Steven when he was just about AJ's age. I tried taking a picture of AJ like the one I have of Steven at the same age with his short curly hair but it didn't work out, he was terrified of the water coming down. We were there for a little while and the kids had a great time. Afterwards some headed to the pool and the other half went to the picnic area to get started on dinner. Hubby and MIL grilled chicken, steak and corn and we had that with potatoes. 



After dinner we showered and got ready for the go-carts. I think this was the kids favorite part as well as the big kids (the husbands). What is it about boys and cars anyways? I got i two different ones and although it was fun there's is only so much going around in circles I can handle. Boys will be boys I guess and kids will be kids.


After the go-carts we drove over to the beach to walk the boardwalk. My mom stayed in the room with AJ so that was nice since he wasn't going to be able to get in any car rides and it was getting late for him so he'd probably would have fallen asleep on the boardwalk anyways. 


I bought a funnel cake to take back to the room on our way back and after getting in the room and eating it I felt sick. It could hVe been that it wasn't what I expected or that it was late to be eating that but either way no more funnel cake for me. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. Yuck. We also got some fries for my mom and she too felt that they weren't as good as before. Before we knew it everyone was sleeping and it was day four, our last day in OCMD.


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