Sunday, November 29, 2015

Even on vacation I can't scape the trials

How is it possible that even when I find myself in the middle of a beautiful place surrounded by so much beauty somehow life manages to kick me down. I have to admit, I'm sure I let the enemy in my head at some point but when things continue to happen over and over and over again is hard to believe that that is God's hand in it. Or is it? As a toddler in my faith how can I distinguish the things that are from the Heavenly Father and those that are not? I mean it has to be the human part of me right? When we have some sort of expectations of how life should be like, a life that has been given to us by God, how do we know that it is truly God throwing us a curve ball instead of the devil trying to attack us and test us? What if it's both a test and an attack from God and the devil just like they did to Job? 

Call me crazy but some days I think that way. And I remember that I should do about it. I should keep focus, pray, and worship. But then days like today I wonder, what if it's God? What if he's trying to redirect me and I'm not being obedient to his will? How do I know? What should I do? 

How do I know what I should do? 



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