Thursday, November 8, 2012

31 Weeks

These weekly posts have been getting somewhat boring for me. I don't know if its the repetitive questions, that I honestly have nothing exciting to say, the busy-ness of every day life, etc.

So I thought I'd change it up a bit for the weeks to follow and the last trimester. I'm going to start posting these updates either Fridays or Saturdays, the actual day I enter the week and change up the questions from time to time. Also I'm going to start doing fruit and belly comparison. I saw this on another blog and wished I had started it from the beginning. I think it's such a neat idea!

Photo thoughts: I love how it actually looks like there could be a baby that size inside of me. Probably all curled up of course but still beautiful.

Weight loss/gain: +15

Cravings: Omg Sweets! I am craving sweets like you have no idea. Just today I went to Walmart to order cupcakes for the baby shower next weekend and I swear I was about to drop on the floor and eat all those yummy frosting on every cake and cupcake they had for sale. I have never had a craving like I did today. I of course left without no cupcake but as I drove home and stood home all I wanted was to drive back and buy some. I tried to be good and not give in to my cravings especially if they're sweets so I settled for an airhead candy. And boy did it taste good, whoa! And lemonade. Oh my darling lemonade how much I want you.

What I love: I love that I am getting closer and closer to D-day. January 4th seems so far away and so does 9 weeks but when you think about it there's so much happening and so much I'm looking forward to like the baby shower, thanksgiving, breastfeeding class, childbirth class, end of school semester, Christmas, New Years, and BOOM! D-day. See what I mean. Before I know it baby boy will be here and ill be snuggling in my warm bed with my three favorite boys. Or at least two since we only have a Queen and DH will have to settle for the floor or couch jejeje...

What I'm looking forward to the most: going part time. My official date is Nov. 9th and then I'll only work 2 days a week and/or any extras I may want. I think I'm going to take it easy the rest of the month and work on the nursery, organizing, spending time with my son, ect. I just want to slow down and start prepping for this baby. I feel so behind with only 9 weeks to go.

Worries: in my last visit my doctor told me that I was measuring small. About 2-3 weeks smaller actually. With that he wanted to take precaution and instead of seeing me once every other week he wants me to come in twice a week one for a growth/stress ultrasound and the other for my weekly checks. It has me somewhat worried but I know that this is only precaution that they are taking and at my last growth ultrasound everything looked normal. With my first son at about 36 weeks they told me I was measuring small and again I had to go in twice a week every week and at birth big boy weight was 7lbs 6oz and 21 in. There was nothing small about him now was there. I think that my belly is all baby but they expect it to be bigger because they think that babies need some sort of space in there. I guess in my situation my belly stretches as far as he needs to to accommodate baby not an inch more not an inch less. Or so I'm hoping. However if you was to feel my belly now you would notice that you feel the baby in every part of it. That would also explain all the movements that I feel right? I'm just keeping a positive outlook. I could be wrong but after going through this with my first born is hard not to have a little faith thinking that there's nothing to worry about.

Symptoms: again with the back pain. And not just lower back but my entire back including my neck. It is so uncomfortable. Sometimes I just want to curl up and cry. And does a weak bladder count? Because I seriously could live in a restroom for the rest of this pregnancy.

Sleep: this week it's been so so. I don't have a problem falling asleep, is more staying asleep. I wake up every 2-3 hours and only sometimes I can fall back to sleep. Most of the time I can't and all day I go by on a short amount of sleep which is not good because I then get cranky and feel exhausted.

Movement: baby boy is an athletic one. He moves so much. I'm sure you're getting tired of me saying that but seriously this is like the best part of being pregnant. Witnessing the little miracle growing inside of you through his movements. The way my belly wiggles, like jello. The sudden and hard kicks and punches that take me by surprise. The weird feeling of a position change. When hubby touches my belly he says "that must feel so weird inside you" and I say this is how a miracle feels to me. This is how my baby and I bond. Sometimes I wish he could really experience these movements. They are truly priceless.

The belly: the past week it's like the baby had a growth spurt. Omg is this thing big. To me at least. I walk down the hallways at work staring at myself on the big class windows and I look like a big balloon ready to pop. Even my co workers have noticed and tell me that now I really look pregnant lol.

Milestones: this week baby weighs 3lbs and is about 17in long. The skin is looking less transparent and more pinkish due to the fat that's filling it. Immune system has developed a lot the past weeks to get baby ready for the outside world. And most exciting milestone is that baby will be gaining about 1/2 lb per week for the next 7 weeks :) I love chunky babies although I hope a get a good size baby for an easier delivery ;)

Best moment of the week: has been preparing for the baby shower. I can't wait to dance my ass off! Yes I will be dancing pregnant and all. Is my nature, heck is in my blood.


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