Wednesday, November 28, 2012

34 Weeks

Photo Thoughts: I'm loving how well rounded and perfect my belly is looking. I don't know I may be biased but I'm feeling really darn sexy hahaha.

Weight Gain/Loss: +21 no change this week. I had a stomach virus and I actually lost a few ounces.

Cravings: I'm back to craving sweets. Omg how much I love sweets. Candy, dessert, whatever. Name it and I want it. Those airheads, OMG how good are they! Rice crispies, don't even get me started.

What I love: I love how in love I am with the idea of getting to hold my sweet baby soon. I just love him so much and feel so close to him. Like he's been the only person that has really been there for me/with me these last 8+ months. We had a bumpy road but together we've made it this far and I am very proud of us.

What I'm looking forward to: holding my baby boy and staring at him for endless amount of hours. I know this one is def going to be a mommas boy. Or so I hope :) something else I'm looking forward to is finishing the nursery, washing and folding tiny baby clothes, getting my starter stash of cloth diapers!!! Eekkkk I'm so excited for that! I should have them early next week for sure :)

Worries: I'm not really worried this week. I've been seeing my OB twice a week lately with a weekly ultrasound and stress test and everything looks perfect. My fluid is normal now. It was actually at 20 this week but that's not consider low since your fluid amount is suppose to decrease as you get closer to D date. Baby is officially head down and shouldn't be switching positions at all, but you never know!, and I'm feeling pretty great. Exhausted and out of breath but ok nonetheless.

Symptoms: fatigue, tiredness, really bad back pain and worse of all swollen! *gasp* I'm officially retaining water :( my rings are so tight on me I can barely take them off. I don't want to admit it because I still have a little over a month to go but sadly I'll be taking them off within the next week or so. We wouldn't want them to be cut off at all now right.

Sleep: Surprisingly pretty darn good. I can sleep through the night, take naps and actually stay asleep. And when I wake up I feel we'll rested. That's def a BIG plus! I owe it all to my decrease in work hours. I really think cutting down has made a difference.

Movement: nothing new here. AJ has been moving non-stop lately and I can finally tell what part of his body kicks me (most times at least).

The Belly: Perfect! I love it. 34 weeks is officially my favorite week :)

Milestones: baby is about 17.7 in long and weighs as much as a average size cantaloupe (4.7 lbs). This week baby should be positioning himself further into my pelvis. I really haven't noticed anything weird belly wise nor do I feel different so I don't think baby has drop just yet. The liver is not quite ready yet but it has been accumulating waste. The lungs and central nervous system continue to mature and baby skin has probably lost all the lanugo hairs and is now filling up with fat making it super smooth and round. This should help baby regulate his temperature after birth.

Best moment of the week: getting our maternity pictures! These guys did such an amazing job, I felt like a supermodel. Now to get started on those Christmas cards :)



  1. Omg Pam you're right! Your bump is so perfectly cute and round! I love it! You look stunning mama!

  2. Thank you darling. I feel great! I wonder how long that'll last lol