Thursday, November 22, 2012

33 Weeks

Photo Thoughts: I sayI look bigger this week due to the Thanksgiving dinner I had today jejeje

Weight Gain/Loss: +21 not too bad I suppose. With 7 weeks to go and 25-30lb weight mark I think I'm doing pretty darn good. Especially after the rough beginning.

Cravings: Pork. After the baby shower my taste buds were left wanting more. I want pork. I need pork! There's no choice I'm going to have to make a pork shoulder for thanksgiving.

What I love: how things are coming along perfectly with the nursery. I'm behind of course, I think most mommas are done with the nursery at this point, but due to some set back in moving our PC table to the third floor I'm not able to put everything where it belongs in there. Everything is however built it just needs to be out on its permanent spot.

What I'm looking forward to: Attending our breastfeeding class next Tuesday. Since I plan to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first year I can't wait to go to this class and see what I can learn to help me achieve my goal.

Worries: I'm actually not that worry this week. For this weeks' ultrasound they found my fluid still elevated but lower than last week. It was at 28 (needs to be at 25 was at 30 last week). Actually, I was a bit worried this past weekend. I thought I had a decrease in fetal movement for a little over 24 hours, as to previous posts we all know this baby moves a lot, so I was getting worried. I spoke with the hubby as to if I should call the doctor and he told me that I was worrying for nothing. To give it a little more time. I tried eating and laying on my left side, drinking really cold water, eating sweets, etc and nothing. My belly also felt very tender and like I couldn't feel the baby anywhere. Then in a couple of hours he returned to his normal spot and normal self. This made me feel a lot better. Maybe I didn't feel him because he was way back in my belly. Still not a fun feeling at all. :(

Symptoms: tired. I'm so tired. All the time. I can hardly stay up at work or focus on my school work. But I need to remind myself that it is almost over. About 4 weeks to go for the semester to end so I need to get through it.

Sleep: Still ok. I wish I could sleep for longer periods but at least I'm getting some sleep and have been trying to nap in between. That had help a bit.

Movement: baby boy is back to normal with his movements. That makes me happy again :)

The Belly: is very hard, round, cute, and a decent size too. Can't really complain much.

Milestones: baby is still weighing in at a little over 4lbs and is filling up with baby fat. His bones are hardening but will not be fusing together like they should until early adulthood. This will make for an easier delivery and will allow the bones to grow normally in the years to come. It was made known to me that baby's movements will slow down a bit in the coming weeks and that is totally normal as long as I still feel movement. I can tell this is going to be hard to accept for me.

Best moment of the week: finding out baby is head down. A couple of weeks ago he was in a transverse position and I was worried but he made it to the right position. I hope he stays that way for god sakes, and my own.


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