Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Home - First Level

This post is way over due. So here it is. Our home sweet home.

As you may recall we were blessed with this house out of the blue. It was certainly not what we had in mind at all but definitely a starter home. Which soon we came to realize that the best way to someday buy our dream home is to start off at a starter home and give priorities on those things we really need/want vs those that are not much needed but we want it anyways because it has to be in our dream house. You get me?

We've have put a good amount of money into this house and although you can't really see it, because those such things are things like a new water heater, recarpeting and flooring, changing from oil to electric, lots of painting, new shower, insulation, and changing the electric box. Still there are many more projects to complete such as replacement of all windows, painting the exterior part of the house, changing our backyard fence and fixing up the yard, along with either redoing the kitchen and/or finishing if not all at least part of the basement. More on that on another post. Hopefully all these things will get done within the next year so that we can truly enjoy our home before we move to that "dream house". With the exception of the kitchen and basement of course.

Ok so enough rambling lets give you a tour shall we. Like the tittle states it this will only be the first level. There are three levels to this house so they will be broken up for simplicity. The first floor consists of a front porch, living room, dinning room, kitchen, small back area, backyard, and rear parking. I've had most of these pictures since late September just didn't get the chance to upload them until now.

Front of the house

Part of the front porch

Entry way. I'm looking for a nice console table for this spot and can't find nothing I like :(

View into the living room from the entry way

Wall opposite from the TV

View from dinning room

Dinning room view from kitchen

Here I'm standing in front, or you could say behind, of the sofa

Close up of kitchen cabinets, etc. Some major updates will be happening here next year.

Another view of the kitchen. I don't know what to do in this area. I don't want to add another table since It's so close to the dinning room. So it'll be spacious for a while longer.

That kitchen door leads to a small room where we keep the dog when we're not home and after that another door that leads to the backyard.

Back yard lol. It doesn't look like this anymore I promise. Grass was cut and small fence taken apart. I just don't have a current picture of it. We plan to do big changes here for next summer :) I'm excited!

Behind the fence there is enough space to park a car. You could probably fit two but it'll get too tight.


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