Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some changes are coming!

To the blog that is. With the family growing and all I thought it would be nice to change the picture on the header and change the look in total. For the next few months you'll be noticing different views or layouts until I find something I really like. Nothing will be finalized until baby AJ comes but I'm sure it'll take just that amount of time to come up with something I like and that will be permanent, for the time being that is.

I'm really excited to be able to be home more and spend the time with my boys and making our home feel more like our love nest. Lots of cooking and baking will be happening. As well as some more decorating. And get this. I'll finally have the time to blog it all :D don't get me wrong deep down I feel a bit worried about decreasing my work hours but somehow when I think of the benefits that'll come out of it I think it'll be totally worth it. I just have to remember to put god in the center of my mind and home because with him all things are possible!



  1. Hey I hope everything is coming along great and that baby is great. I am making your espaguetis tonight. Although husband doesnt want them con yuca, I do as a good Dominican!

  2. Hahaha funny. Thanks. I hope you liked it and that so did your hubby! :)