Monday, November 19, 2012

32 Weeks

A bit late but what else is new.

Photo Thoughts: first off the the heck is a jicama? Since I had no idea nor where to buy it (I would of probably had some luck going to the market) I had to settle using a picture from google. Boo!

Weight Gain/Loss: +19 that's 4lbs in almost 2 weeks. Umm not cool Pammy. Easy it down will you.

Cravings: this weeks craving have been more subtle. Just ice and water. I could eat ice all day long if it would make me take a kazillion trip to the ladies room. *sighs*

What I love: getting closer and closer to meeting my sweet boy.

What I'm looking forward to: hosting my first Thanksgiving. Will you look at that! A non baby event to look forward to ;) lol

Worries: the closer we get the D day the more worries that come our way. On this appt I was diagnosed with too much amniotic fluid, technical term polyhydramnos. The normal amount of fluids I should have right now is 25 and I'm measuring at 30. The doctor says is not too bad but they need to be cautious and keep an eye on it which now requires weekly ultrasounds. Awesome! (Being sarcastic of course) like if I don't have better things to do than visit my docs office 2x a week. This info also brought more stressed to my life. Just thinking of all the possibilities if why this could be happening and the not knowing why this is happening had me over the ledge this week. :(

Symptoms: low energy level. This anemia thing is really getting to me. I'm so tired. All.The.Time! I just wish I could sleep and sleep some more. I also move so much slower nowadays and I get cranky easier/faster too.

Sleep: ok for now. I could def be using more of it but what can you do. I'm just taking it a day at a time and looking forward 8 days off in the next week which will be mostly spent by myself since DS will be going to work with DH a lot. I could really use time off right now.

Movement: still plenty. Nothing to be concerned about in that department :)
The Belly: judge for your self, what do you think? I could def see those extra pounds in there. Can you?

Milestones: AJ is measuring right on track weighing 4lbs 2oz and over 17in long. The lungs have recently matured and the immune system keeps getting stronger. If he was to be born now he would have a 90% chance at survival. How awesome! Although I would prefer he stayed in there a bit longer. You know. To bring that 90 to 100 :) he's starting to shed the layer of lanugo hair and his real hair and skin will become softer in the coming weeks. By delivery he should be double his weight now, Holy Cow! So should I be expecting an 8+lb baby? Yikes!

Best moment of the week: the baby shower! It was Saturday the 10th and it was so much fun. We danced, are, played games, and spent some time with lovely people. It was everything I had hoped it would be and we ended up making out pretty good in the gifts department.


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