Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Neighbors


Several events have happened the past several week that has made me take a step back and really look at the picture at hand. I have some awesome neighbors! 

We live in a town home. There are about 12 homes in our row and were right in the middle. I used to hate it at first. I just never saw myself living in a row home. I always thought that when we got out first home it would be a twin home at the very least. It's been our dream to have a single home with lots of yard space, definitely not what we have now. 

Neighbors? I never really thought about much. Yea to the common waving and hellos  but nothing more. Were loners I guess. However, last week made me realized that having a relationship with your neighbor could be beneficial. And even if you don't, you might find that one neighbor that would go the extra mile. 

In our less than two years in our home our neighbors have proven to be more then awesome. The one directly on our right have mowed our lawn every week during the warm months since we've moved in. Granted that we practically share lawns but he could easily just do his side like everyone else does. 

I believe it was earlier this year, I had dropped my license and bank card on the lawn and some kids found them while playing. They have to be not much older then my son Steven (who was six at that time) and the next day while getting out of my car my neighbor from 4 doors down approaches me and hands me my ID and bank card. She said her grand kids found them and that she thought the girl in the picture looked familiar so she was waiting to see until I got home to check if they were mine. How nice is that?. I didn't even realized I had dropped them. 

The week before last during one of our snow storms someone shoveled our front. We had gotten home just right after 6pm and we were dreading having to shovel. Then my husband goes out front and calls me out to show me. I was in complete awe. Who could have done it? We still have no idea who did it. My heart felt so happy and full of joy. A true act of kindness. Even thinking about it brings a smile to my face. 

MiscLastly, on Wednesday I got home from work and decided to park out back because the front is on street parking and that street is an "snow emergency road" during snow days. Well the back is very tight, a alley you could say, and I got stuck pulling into the parking space. Of course it would happen to me. The hubby was picking up the kids and wasn't going to be home for another 15-20 mins. Then a car was trying to pass by and I was holding them back. I got so hot and sweaty and just too worked up trying to get out. But I did! So I pulled in on to a neighbor's parking that was clean to wait for the hubby to come. Then I noticed a guy in my rear view mirror waiting with a shovel and an ice axe. I got out of my car to see what he needed and he told me that he came to help me. Now isn't that the nicest thing. He asked where was I trying to pull in and I told him and he began to tell me how to do it and softening the snow so that I could drive right in. Then he gave me tips on how to get out in the morning etc.

When the hubby got home we were still outside. He then showed us his house and I thanked him multiple times. I was so grateful.  Is not often that you come across neighbors or people like this. The car waiting could have easily gotten out of the car to help but didn't. I'm not judging, I soon learned the driver was alone and a girl. I probably would have done the same and stayed in my car. 

All three of these neighbors are from a different race. There was a Caucasian, an African American, and an Indian.  Which makes it even more pleasing to me because all this stereotyping out there couldn't be more wrong. Nice people still exist and they don't have to be a particular race or age. 

I feel like doing something nice for these people but haven't thought of the right thing just yet. I will definitely be doing a selfless act of kindness when the time presents itself to pay these things forward. 

"Be the Change you wish to see in the World."

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