Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dedication Is Key

In order for you to succeed at something you need to be motivated and dedicated. Not only that but you must "want to" do it not just "need to". I've found that if I'm motivated to do something no matter what gets in my way I don't give up and that makes me very proud of myself.

Lets take for example breastfeeding. My goal is to breastfed for a year (fingers crossed). It all started fine and was going great until the second month when I ran into some issues. I nipped that right on the butt. Then baby boy was giving us a hard time taking a bottle (and still is) and hubby was not too happy about it and even suggested I stop breastfeeding -*gasp* how dare he! I was very disappointed in him but I didn't let that bring me down because the bond I share with my sweet boy is so much more than just feeding and so worth it. Now were into the third month and my supply is just awesome, I'm feeling great about myself, and I feel I'm prepared to fix any breastfeeding issues that arises in the future. Therefore I'm pretty confident on achieving my goal and it only look dedication.

Cloth diapering is another one. When I told close friends and family about my plans they guaranteed me that I would fail. They put so much doubt in me that I almost didn't even start it and was ready to throw that out the window. Thank god I didn't though because I can't see not having cloth diapers in my life at this point. Now mind you that is only been about six weeks but we've had a good experience thus far. And the hubby is even on board now. I remember telling him we needed to get disposables because our washer was messed up and I didn't have clean dipes and he almost lost it. He's gotten too used to not spending money on diapers. I'm sure that's why he doesn't mind it but hey I don't care what his motives are as long as he continues to support me with it.

Currently I'm working on my eating habits. I'm not the type to diet, my motto is "if you eat in moderation you can have it all". Problem is I.Love.Food! So is hard to eat a small portion of rice and beans, 2 slices of pizza, or 1 serving of lasagna. Lately I've been using the "out of sight out of mind" attitude. I don't buy juice or soda for home because I won't miss what I don't have, unless we expect visitors. That right there forces me and the family to drink more water. I've also been serving myself smaller portion at meal times, eating more fruits, and snacking often. Since I'm back at work I don't want to mess up my supply or gain weight because is not like winter is next in line where I can just hide my goods under sweatshirts and coats. It'll be summer before we know it and I want to work on my beach body ;)

Now only if I can find a bit of motivation for exercising. That way I can tone up my post pregnancy body. This is what I find hardest to work on. As long as I go to the gym daily I'm good. But as soon that I miss a day it quickly turns into two and three and before I know it its been a month. That's where I am right now, it's been a month since I last visited the gym and I'm ashamed of myself for that because in order to get to my beach body I'm going to need motivation to be dedicated to working out routinely.  I only need 10 lbs to be back to my pre pregnancy weight so why am I having such a hard time letting go of it. Is it the breastfeeding? Am I going to have to pick between the two? Ha! Never that. But I truly would love to find just a tiny bit of motivation to became dedicated at accomplishing this task. If I can just last 21 days going I'm sure it'll get easier to work it into my life as a routine. You would think that having a gym freak at home would be enough, I guess not.

Wish me luck that this month will be The month :)


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  1. Not sure if you were interested in feedback for your exercising goal, but here is some anyways. :) I feel the exact same way about having to do it on a daily basis. Dave and I are doing the 30DS almost daily, allowing one day for rest and occasionally skipping a day if we have other commitments for the evening. I had heard that marking X's on a calendar for each day you do it can be motivating, because you can look at the chain of X's and be proud, and it motivates you to not break the chain. The idea is to do it almost every to make it become a habit, not a chore. I will say that on the off-days, I now yearn to exercise and feel like something is missing if I don't. We started the 30DS almost every day about 3 weeks ago, and marking the X's on the calendar has been a huge motivation for me!

  2. Thanks Lola. I do have that video and love it! Even Steven says is a really good workout. I'm going to try it starting today. My issue with that is doing it alone lol before I would have pollo doing it with me and I would laugh through the whole thing lol. I marking an x on a calendar as well :)