Thursday, March 6, 2014

Las vueltas que da el mundo...

Which translates to: 

The turns that the world gives. 

Have you ever sat and wondered how different your life turned out to be from what you thought it would be. To some of us this doesn't apply. Many can say that their lives turned out to be exactly or very close to what they had envisioned. And this post is more or less me thinking back on the people surrounding my life today. Not necessarily what I had imagined my life would be like at this point of my life.  

For example. 


A certain friend I have that I thought we would be the bestest of friends till the end of time. We meet when we were both in fifth grade and till this day I remember exactly how we first exchanged words. We were both waiting for the bus to pick us up for school at Sixth and Chew, in front of the Allentown Health Bureau . She was standing by the wall and I was closer to the street. She had just come from Puerto Rico and was new to the school. I approached her and started conversation. I don't exactly know what those first words were but from that moment on we were inseparable. We were always at each other's house, dressing up alike, doing our hair the same even though my hair was not even nearly as "good" as hers. I remember that one time when she ironed my hair to make it straight, or was that her sister? yea, I think it was her sister. Like with an actual iron people. hahaha what were we thinking?

She would help me do my chores and I would help her do hers just so that we could go to the other's house. Basically if I wasn't at her house she was at mine and if we weren't at each other's house we where talking in the phone. We had plans to get married and pregnant at the same time. We dated cousins and everything. Oh but what a surprise did the world had ready for us. In high school things changed between us and little by little we parted ways. Throughout the years we've somehow managed to keep in touch and up to date but things are not like they were back when we were 11 years old. Now she has a new best friend, as do I. And our lives are so different. One thing I'm grateful for is that at least we have kept in touch and hopefully one day, not too far from today, we will be somewhat as close as we once were. 


Another person I can say has been a very important part of my life has been my sister-in-law. Now don't get it twisted. We were never as close as we are today. We meet back in 2005 the night hubby and I had our senior prom. I don't remember much of that night and her but she says that she looked at me and said "look at this hoochy" because of the dress I was wearing. The first time I remember meeting her was one time at his mother's house. I'm pretty sure it was weeks after prom. We walked in and we were saying high to everyone. She was in the kitchen with her mom. I can't remember if she was helping her cook or not but what I do remember is her going on at hubby for having a hickey on his neck. Obviously she was older than us and that was a big no no. I think about it this day and wonder "eewww why would I do that?!" Kids

That was my first impression of her. I remember thinking who does she think she is. He's a grown man. He can do whatever he wants. Plus her attitude and cockiness did not help. I thought that she thought she was the "best thing on this earth", and that's me putting it in a nice way. LOL. Fast forward 9 years and this girlie is the peanut to my butter. It doesn't get closer than that. I can go to her for anything. She's like the big sister I never had and always wanted. If hubby and I were ever to separate I don't think our relationship would would be affected by it. That's how close I feel we are. I hope she feels the same... 


Lastly one of my best friends in high school. We are no longer friends due to some really f'ed up personal things but back in high school we were pretty tight. I remember first meeting her in cosmetology class. She was friend with a girl I had meet during our rotations through law enforcement. Days later in cosmetology this girl would ask day after day if she could "see my homework". The first day I let her. So did the second day. Then the third day and beyond I noticed she was just copying my work. Bitch! Pardon my French. I was mad and never did I let her "see my homework" again. We actually became very close. Even after high school. We had went our separate ways and made awesome memories together that can never be forgotten but sadly she betrayed me and that was the end of us. We are at a better place now when it comes to our relationship but I know things will never be the same with us. She lives her life and I live mine. If we were to be at the same place at same time type deal we would be courteous with each other but that about sums it up. 


I just orders my first blog book. And as I wait for it to come I can't wait to read the things I wrote about in 2011-2012. And as I think about the things I wrote I can't help but to be happy. Happy because I am sooo thankful I found out about blogging. For me, blogging is not about putting my personal life out there. Is about recording my life. Is like having a journal. A public journal at that. One where I can write my thoughts and feelings then print them to have for an eternity. To document my journey as a mother and wife. To see myself evolve over the years. Whether is in my writing and choice of words or simply on the person I once was and the beliefs I once had. 

I feel lucky and blessed to be able to record my life and the things I don't want to forget. I know that in 10 years when I'm looking through my blog books I'm going to feel nothing but happiness for having had documented these memories. I am going to have endless stories to tell my grand kids. 

Oh blogging, what a blessing you've been. 

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