Sunday, March 30, 2014

Niagara Falls Weekend Getaway


Back in the beginning of December we went on a little family getaway. To Niagara Falls. It was a sort of last minute trip. Cousins of my hubby moved about two hours from us and four hours from the Falls. They wanted to make the trip up there and invited us. I wasn't too sure that it would happen so I didn't even bother packing till the last minute. Everyone with children can say that that was a big mistake because you tend to forget things. 

In my experience, a trip is not a trip unless we forget a few things. This time we, hubby would argue that it was my fault, forgot the baby's bottle and soap. It was our first time traveling with our cloth diapers and the place we were staying at had washer and drier so I had plan to take my CD detergent but thanks to my last minute packing that too was forgotten. I say it could have been worse. 

Friday we drove to our cousins. It took approximately two hours. It was late in the evening and when we got there we had a late dinner, a little bit of chatting then we hit the covers because we had an early start the next day. 

Plan was to leave the house at 6am. That did not happen. We left 1.5 hours later. The drive wasn't bad at all and it took exactly 4 hours. Once we arrived we were upgraded to a newer unit that had been updated. This place was so spacious. It was perfect for the kids and the adults. More than enough space for everyone to not feel crowed. It was just perfect. This was on the American side. The kids didn't haven't have passports and since the trip was last minute we decided not to even bother getting them this time around. 


After we settled in we went out for lunch. 
Nothing fancy just TGIFridays. Then we headed the Aquarium were we saw a seal show followed by a trip to the outlets. We had arrived to our home away from home at 11am and when we were coming back after the outlets it was only 6pm. It felt so much later thought. We ate some lasagna with garlic bread and this tomatoes and mozzarella mix that my cousin brought for dinner. It was delicious, and let's not forget the wine. 

After dinner the kids were in the living room watching TV and the adults sat around the table drinking more wine and talking. The perfect ending to our first day there. 


Saturday we drove five miles to see the Falls. It was freezing out. I joked that the walk to the Falls was longer then what we lasted there. #Truth. I was bundled up pretty good with scarf, gloves, and a heavy duty coat and even with that my hands and face felt frozen. After taking a few pictures I just wanted to get out of there.

We stopped at a pizza shop for lunch and the owner told us of a few place to check out that were kid friendly. We ended up going to see the gingerbread house competition and life size house. It was super neat. We all got to decorate our own cookie too :) the kids had a great time and got to see Santa. 



We then headed back to the house to decide where we should go for dinner. We ended up staying in and ordering Chinese, which was pretty good. 

We were planning to do one more activity on Sunday before heading back home but they called for snow and we cancelled that. We wanted to get home before it got real bad out and luckily we did. About an hour after being home the roads and sidewalks were covered on snow. Thank god we got home when we did. 

AJ did very well with the six hour drive back home. In the morning we stopped for breakfast and he felt asleep about 1-1.5 hrs later until about an hour before we got home. I'd say he slept about 4 hours. And he didn't whine much either after waking up. I just fedhim some milk and he was good to go. My baby is a great kid to travel with :) Steven Jr behaved very well too. He spent most of the ride watching movies and playing the iPad. The last hour he entertained his brother. He takes his big bro job very seriously. 


Overall it was a nice getaway. It seemed that we didn't do much due to the time of year it was but nothing beats great times with great company. The drive was totally worth it and I hope to do more weekends getaway this year. Great Wolf Logde is on the talks for our next getaway. I'm looking forward to that like you wouldn't believe :)

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  1. Whoa! I would love to see Niagra Falls someday! That sounds like it was a really fun family trip!