Sunday, March 16, 2014



Oh how sweet it is to be 27. 

Just like the last couple of years, as my birthday got closer and wonder how I wanted to celebrate it. It's funny how with each passing year you become more content with the less you do, no? Well this is how it is in my case. For even more special reasons that I haven't talked about as of yet, I wanted to spend another low-key birthday. 

A few weeks ago my dearest friend texted and and asked "your birthday is the 16 right?" I replied "Yes. Please no clubs". The last several years I've visited dancing clubs way to many times. And although it never really brought me any trouble I feel like I'm over the club stage. I want to do meaningful things with my life. I want to spend more time with my kids, husband, and family. I guess it's ok to visit a lounge from time to time but Latin clubs will be out of the picture for me. Just my own personal choice. 


For this birthday I just said to myself that I would go with the flow. I didn't want to make a big deal about it and if I was to stay home it wouldn't bother me the least. As long as I was home with those I loved. So when the hubby said that his friend got him a ticket to go watch a boxing fight on my birthday weekend I got a bit upset. When he mentioned that there was a UFC fight that night too fumes were coming out of my ears. I'm not going to lie. I was Mad

Then one night this past week I woke up because AJ was crying. I headed to his room and when I returned I looked at the clock and it was only 3am and my bed was empty. Hubby had left to work already. All I could think about was how blessed I was to be married to a man whose first priority was to provide for his family regardless of what he had to sacrifice. In this case, sleep. I had a hard time going back to bed that night but one thing I knew was that I was not going to complain about him going out on my birthday weekend. He deserves to go out and relax and it wasn't his fault both events landed on my birthday weekend. 


Came that weekend and I was calm. That Friday we had a delicious dinner at MIL's that hubby had picked up from a Peruvian Restaurant. We stood there pretty late and around 9pm I told the hubby that I was going to head home because I was tired. Since we had both of our cars there he had the option to stay longer if he wanted but he decided to leave too. Except that MIL had gotten me a small ice cream cake for my birthday. Tasty! I had no idea. Even when all the kids kept screaming "it's your birthday Pamela. Happy Birthday Pamela. How old are you now Pamela." It was pretty funny. Then I realized that they wanted cake and wanted me to come to the dining table. We didn't even sing, we went right to the cake. 


The next morning the hubby wakes up and says he was going to get started on breakfast. Ummm okayyy. I stood watching TV with AJ but then the house smelled delicious and I just had to go checkout what he was making. When I got to the kitchen he had breakfast on a serving tray and was fixing my coffee. He said he was getting ready to bring me breakfast in bed. How sweet is he? We ate breakfast then he says I have one hour to shower and get ready because he had the morning planned out for me. Oohh really! I asked where I was going and he said just go get ready. You'll find out. 


I've been dying for new couches so I thought we were taking a little trip to the furniture store but I was wrong. When I got dressed I got a message from the hubby with an address to my destination. He sent me on my way and to my surprise I ended up at a spa. I walked in, they were expecting me. They told me that my hubby had stopped by and paid for a package which included a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, wash and dry. And tips. Let's not forget lunch. What?! I was definitely surprised. I was expecting a massage because I've been having really bad back pain and felt very stiff but he outdid himself with all the extras. 

Four hours later I left the spa feeling amazing! I decline the wash and dry because of my no heat challenge so they upgraded my facial. I wish I would have known earlier, I would have upgraded my massage instead. 

Later that day one of my coworker had invited us over for dinner and that's what we did. We headed over, meet the family, engaged in some fun conversation, ate a delicious meal, and talked some more. The hubby left early because of the fight he had to attend. Notice how I wasn't mad anymore. I had no right after the morning I had. I got home a few hours later and got the kids and myself to bed. 

Sunday came and it felt like any other Sunday, expect that I woke up to all three of my boys in bed with me. Heaven! After much loving we got up and had breakfast. Hubby went to run errands and I finished laundry and cleaning up. We had guests coming over for dinner. 

Remember that dearest friend of mine? Well for the 4th year in a row she surprised me with a tres leche cake. I kind of was expecting it and by her bringing it she set herself up for life. Now every birthday I'm going to expect a cake from her. Hahaha. She made her famous Ecuadorean rice and hubby grilled some BBQ Ribs. It was delicious! as always. We talked. Juiced. Drank wine. And finished my moms wedding invites. It was the perfect day. The perfect weekend. 


I couldn't have asked for more. Lots of birthday wishes from lots of people. Being in the comfort of my own home. Surrounded by my husband and children, my mother and two of my siblings, my best friend and her family, and my brother-in-law. I seriously couldn't have asked for more. 


Here's to an amazing year. To learning more and making less mistakes. To living healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually. To health, love, family, and friends. To me being the best that I can be. 

Happy 27th Birthday to me! 


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