Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Fridays

1. Sweet Husband. 
My handsome and sweet hubby. Two weekends ago I wanted to go vineyard hopping as a birthday treat and he agreed. We visited 3 wineries and came home with 8 bottles of wine. All paid by the hubby as my birthday gift. Or so I thought. This past weekend he surprised me with a morning at the spa which was much needed and greatly appreciated. I'm lucky to have this man as my husband. Bless be his heart and our marriage. Love you babe!

2. Independent Firstborn. 
He was such a trooper earlier this week when we all got hit with the stomach bug. Monday night he kept saying he wasn't feeling good and I felt like a cold was coming on on myself. The next day we both woke up feeling under the weather. We took showers and started getting ready for the day when suddenly it hweit us and a sick day it was. The only one without the big was the little one and he made sure to give us a run for our sleep. All while my firstborn was the one who was hit the worse and he pretty much took care of himself like it was nothing. He had no accidents at all by making to the bathroom right on time. And he didn't come to me for help with anything besides "mom can I have soup".  Other then that he was bed bound either sleeping or  watching saved by the bell. By the way, can you believe that show still attracts this generation! Whoa.  

3. Sick Days. 
No one likes to be sick. Especially when you have started a new job and a month into it had to take a sick day due to strep throat. Then a month and a half later you take 2 sick days because of a stomach virus. I've learned to save my sick days for when absolutely necessary. Except that sometimes you have no other choice and that's when you have to go with the flow and make the best out of it. In my case, making the best out of days like this equals catching up on sleep and enjoying the days with my kiddos. Even if it means cuddling sick in bed all day.

 4. Vacation. 
With about one month to go for our coming vacation I cannot stop thinking of all the things I want to do while there. In the past seven years, we've visited the Dominican Republic twice. This would be the third time and I want to make sure that we checkout out places we haven't seen yet. Must see on our list, or rather my list although I'm sure everyone will agree, are Samana and La Bahia de las Aguilas. I've heard about these places so much since I was a little girl and I am so very excited to finally be able to visit these places myself. By my research this far, it doesn't look like we'll be disappointed. 


5. Devotionals. 
I've been feeling a bit under the weather spiritually lately and I just cannot seem to get over it. When I feel this way a simple prayer or bible verse seem to do the trick. This morning however, I woke up at 3:30am unable to fall back at sleep. After turning and tossing for two hours I decided to look through my bible app to simply be lead to a devotional I had started and not finished. "The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer. I love that lady! I went back to day 1 and I have to admit I was touched. Just what my soul needed. Don't you just love when that happens? :)  

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