Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Fridays

1. Skyping with SIL. I love how close we've gotten the last couple of years. I don't know if it's the distance or what but our relationship has evolved A LOT. She's like the big sister I always wanted and never had. Someone to look up to and get motivation from. Someone that I have no problem going to when I'm in a funk without feeling like I'll be judge. She gives me advice like that of a mother or grandma. She's the peanut to my butter. I cannot wait to see her this summer!


 2. Wing Night. I've never been a chicken wing lover, I think it's because of how messy your face and fingers gets. I feel the same about BBQ ribs. I will not eat them in public.  But lately, I just can't seem to get enough. The hubby used to go out a lot on Tuesdays for wing night and he'd bring back some. I never ate them, little Steven did though. Then one day I was so hungry and decided to get one and OMG I've been hooked. We've been on a hunt to find the best wing place in town. So far we've been out to only two place and well let's just say whoa! Amazing! Last week we went to Buffalo Wild Wing which recently opened in our area and they have such a variety of flavors. And their service is just fabulous. Whoever, I felt like their wings were a little on the salty side. At first I thought it was the flavor Chicken Parmesan. But the honey mustard (my all time favorite) and the other flavor I tried were pretty salty themselves. Maybe it was just that day so I'll definitely have to try it again then I'll make a decision on them.  Keystone Pub keeps the 1st place award. For now. 


3. Front Facing. This week we officially changed AJ from rear facing to front facing in the car. He got a new big boy car seat, which was much needed by the way. Last time I saw his doctor I asked when should the change be made and she said to delay the change as long as possible. She said that we could change the car seat whenever we wanted but that the new recommendations is to keep  children 2 years old and under rear facing as long as possible. I get that it's safer and all but how uncomfortable is that! I mean my little dude is tiny but he's pretty long. Having him facing backward was so uncomfortable for his little legs. He definitely needed the car seat change as well as the front facing part. He feels more connected to the world now. Or so I like to think. I didn't make the change earlier due to the cold weather. I would have hated to take him outside on my arms with just a coat n possibly a blanket over him. It was easier and warmer to have him bundled up and his infant car seat. But he's not an infant anymore and that car seat needed to go! I love looking back now and watch him look around from side to side and out the windows. I wonder what goes on in his head as he takes in so much more of the world this way. :) 


 4. New Friends. I'm not one that can say that I have many friends. I can count with one hand the friends I have that I trust from here to the moon. However, this new job have brought me two new friendships. Two of my coworker have been super sweet to me. Well they all have been. That's like my favorite part of my job. My coworkers.  Anywho, back to these two girls. I got to go vineyard hopping this past weekend with them and we had such a great time. I don't know what the future has in store for us three but I sure hope its all good things. So cheers to new friends! 


 5. YouTube. YouTube has been a big part of my life the past several weeks but more so this week. I'm on the road of transitioning my hair from being relaxed to my natural texture. Curls!  So finding ways to style my hair and physically seeing others who have transition and are transitioning themselves is vital. I look for products and styles that have worked for others and decide whether or not I want to try it. The "keyword" this week was Bantu Knots. I must have watched over 20 videos on this type of heatless curls. So yes, YouTube makes my top five best moments of the week. :) 

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