Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Fridays


1. Seeing my seven year old and my one year old play like if they were 1 year apart. I always worried that they wouldn't be as close because of the age difference and their different needs. But I was wrong. These two are so close and love each other so much. All throughout the day they look for each other, they play like age ain't nothing but a number, the big brother feeds him and likes to cuddle with the little brother and the little brother acts just like a little brother act. He follows him around the house, he takes his toys and makes mess in his brother's room, he wants what his brother has and even gets him in trouble sometimes. It is so cute to watch.


 2. Enjoying coffee with the hubby while engaging in sweet conversation. I can't believe we've never done that. I recently became a coffee drinker and even got a keurig for Christmas. Let me just emphasize how Awesome this thing is! With all the snow days we've had around these parts lately there has also been late start to our days allowing us to sit after breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee while talking about life, our jobs, our kids. It was such a nice time. It really touched me. I only wish we were able to do that more often. It was so satisfying. 


3. Cuddling with my little guy. He loves to cuddle when he sleeps. Every night I too need my dose of him before bed. While I rock him he puts his tiny hands on my chest or face and just rubs gently. He stares into my eyes and gives me the warmest of smile. Then little by little he starts to get drowsy and moving around trying to find a comfortable spot. That's my cue that our cuddling session has come to an end and it's time to put him in his crib. I treasure these moments so much. Because I know they will not last forever. 


 4. Finally having my little guy self soothe himself  to sleep. It's gotten to the point where he needs to sleep in his crib. If I put him down with me in our bed or try to put him to sleep while on my lap he'll toss and turn and kick and scratch until he's put on his crib. It's only been a couple of months that he's been normal with his sleeping pattern so for it to be getting better rather then worse is a bug deal got me. I'm one proud momma right about now :) 

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 5. Starting my son's big kid room. Right now his room is too plain for my liking. I want to make it more fun, more 8-year-old friendly. I have lots of ideas for it and is probably going to take a while to complete but so far so good. I mean, you really can't go wrong with a huge chalkboard wall can you?

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