Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do over

I don't have regrets because everything that I have been through has shaped me into the person that I am today.

However, as my birthday draws near I can't help but to think back at the stupid decisions I've made that could have given my life a different outcome. Let's reminisce shall we, as I go back to my teenage years.

Things that I would do differently.

1. I would have saved a percentage of every paycheck I got from my first job at age 15. I mean, how much expenses did I really have? Not much I can assure you. 

2. I would have gotten more involve on girlie things. Like makeup, skin care, and learning how to manage my type of hair (I have a post coming up soon on this). I'm not the type to wear make-up much but when I do wear it I do wish I'd have the skills many of my friends have. I can manage top eyeliner, and some eyeshadow but but when it comes to blending and using multiple colors, well let's just say I keep it nice and simple. 

Tbt3. I would have paid more attention in school. Tried my best in every class and maybe even tried out for some sports or other after school activities. That's one thing I do regret. Not being more involved in school activities and keeping myself occupied and out of trouble. And by trouble I mean away from boys. 

4. I would have worried less about dating and boys. Simply put. 

5. I would have thought more about my future and what I wanted out of life, career wise that is. Most times in high school we don't know what we want but when we make goals, future goals, we are geared by those goals which usually lead us to our destined future. 

6. I would have gone to college right after high school instead of three years later. That alone would have made my life so much easier today. 

7. Instead of starting from the very bottom by getting certified as an medical office assistance I should have started taking nursing courses right off the back. Although, it wasn't until I got involved in the medical field that I decided on a career in nursing.

8. I would have tried a lot harder at being a better role model for my younger siblings. 

9. I would have gotten myself more educated on pursuing a nursing career instead of just taking classes according to the "course requirement" page online. 

10. Most importantly I would have taken chemistry more seriously in college. This course has been my worse enemy. I repeated it 3x trying to get a better grade each time and failed. I still got a passing grade but not one that I'm well pleased with and neither is my advisor. This course will play a big role on where my career takes me. There's definitely no chemistry between me and Chemistry. 

I can't turn back time to change any of these things but one thing I can do is learn from these mistakes to make better decisions in the future. These experiences have also taught me how I should parent my own kids when the time comes. I know having gone through these things was a lesson to prepare me for what the future holds. Whatever that is, I'm ready. 

There's purpose in all that we go through in life, we just have to make sure we think and look at the positive effects not the negatives. Easier said than done right.

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