Saturday, November 5, 2016

30 Days of Thanksgiving: My father-in-law

I am so thankful to have been blessed with a father-in-law like mine. He is so awesome! And although very firm and strong willed, and makes me feel intimidated by him, I get the feeling that he cares about me.

He tries to give me advice like that if a father. He's very religious so he also gives me words of wisdom and encourages me to stay strong in my faith and don't give up on things. Spending time with him makes me feel like there's a small part of my dad in him. He can be funny and he loves his grandsons so much. He spoils them rotten with everything.

I really lucked out with a father-in-law like him and I will be forever thankful to have been a part of his family. I honestly feel honored to carry his last name and I will carry it with pride and make sure my children know how important he has been in my life :)

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