Friday, November 11, 2016

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Early work days

It's been a little over six months that I switched from full time 12s to part time 8s and let me tell you that I freaking love it! I don't know how I will go back to working 12 hours a day when school is over since it's already hard enough now when I pick up an extra 4 hours after my eight hour shift. I came home and my feet are hurting so much. Not to mention that I get home super tired and with no energy whatsoever. The only thing on my mind when I get home is showering and sleep. I could care less about eating, I just want to relax.

Well why am I thankful for early workdays ? Because I get to enjoy doing things with my little family. Whether is out visiting family or friends, parks, after school activities, dining, or my favorite date night. I don't get home exhausted and we get spend time with the kids before going out to spend time for our selves.

Today we ended up going out to dinner and it was fun. I'm dining out doesn't always happen where it just us. Either my FIL or BIL or my mom is with us so it's never really just us but today it was and I liked it. It was without a doubt sort of, um strange, being labeled as a "young mom of three kids". Not that there is something wrong with it but I never really pay much attention to the stares because we're in large groups but today I did notice and it felt awkward.

The nest part of this dining experience was when my little guy, Adrian, stood up on his seat and let's "guys I have an idea. Let's cheer!" He has us all out our drinks mid air in the middle and say cheers. Then my oldest said "cheers to having the best family in the world". It was the cutest toast ever and it almost made me shed a tear because my kids face were priceless. They were so happy! And their happiness made me happy :) and I owe all that to been able to get out of work by 330. That still leaves me all evening and night to either do school work myself, cook, clean, and spend quality time with hubby or the family.

It seriously is the best!

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